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Hi everyone

I thought I would ask the question are engine flushes worth doing and does anyone think it would increase engine life, and if they are worth doing whats a good one to use.

would using a good fuels like bp ultimate,shell v power keep engines internals clean enough , or do modern engine run clean enough with normal maintainance. I never used engine flushes before in any of my previous cars and always got good runs out of them.

I always been very fussy with my car servicing.

Hopefully I put this post in the right section this time.

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Cheers ronnyboy

OUCH! I think I will stick with normal regular servcing , I think I give the engine flushes a miss,especialy after watching those videos. I spoke to my service adviser at my toyota dealer he didnt recomend the engine flushes, he said that somtimes does more good than harm,especialy on older engines with more milage.

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I've seen an engine sludge up (& die) after one of these flushes ...

Stick to regular servicing, increase oil service interval, or find evidence of a problem, before considering this.

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Cheers luke..

What you said is pretty much what my local toyota mechanic said.

My engine runs sweet as a nut, the main reason I thought I ask if engine flushes are worth it or not is for exended engine life, Iam very fussy with my oil changes, I change my oil every 5000kms with a filter or six months which ever comes first. so at this stage I probaly stick to just regular serving and give engine flushes a miss.

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But i seen my mechanics use engine flushes , injector cleaners as well does that means that they breach the rules ? although they are authorized service center for misubishi , hyundai and vw

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Depends if the manufacturer specifies it. Everyone will have an opinion on the subject as to whether it causes harm. Personally I just run with 5000km oil and filter changes on my vehicles which works quite well.

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