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what is the part number for this?


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See this picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/38/2006-2007_Toyota_Aurion_Presara_interior_01.jpg

I need the part number for that wood grain part on the door. The drivers side door to be exact.

What happened was I decided to carbon fibre wrap them but failed when I didn't realised they're screwed in FROM behind and they're not clipped on. Silly me with all my force pulled it and snapped it hahaha. All I can do is laugh at my stupidity. Now I need to obviously order that part again :(.

I have no clue what that would be called or part number so I can order one in tomorrow. If it costs a lot I'm gonna be ****** because I know Toyota parts don't come cheap.

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Good luck with that. I hate to bear bad news, but I think you will find that they don't exactly sell that individual piece on its own. It is part of the entire assembly referred to as:




You can tell this is the case because the part number for the entire assembly varies between the different grades of Aurion.

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Interested as to how much a door trim would cost.

Other option is you could peice it back together and bog/sand it back and paint it, means youd have to do the rest aswell though.

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Far out. You're totally right man. You need to buy the whole door trim pretty much. Ahh well. I've pieced it back together with glue. It looks alright tbh. I'll just leave it as it is and write it off as another life experience :).

If it really pisses me off ill go wreckers and suss it out.

I can't believe you can't buy those which are custom. You'd think someone somewhere would have come up with this business idea to have those pieces custom like carbon fibre look etc!

I think what I'll do though is spray the silver door handles a piano black in the mean time. I've got the right sandpaper and sprays etc for it so yeah. That would look good :).

In the mean time, how would I remove the door trim. :/

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Door trim will probably cost The Franklin Mint.

I was quoted ~$700ea for front door trims for a Gen5 Camry Sportivo. I can't imagine he price for an Aurion door trim to be cheaper

Yeah screw that, I'll wait for someone to T-bone me instead. lmao

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