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After market ecu

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Hey guys ive got a 05 sportivo with port headers n intake, HD Clutch n flywheel, and running stock exhaust with a lukey muffler. I was wondering were can i get a after

Market ecu? Please help me out or let me know if u guys have a ecu for sale

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Apexi powerfc + harness will cost u around 800+400 = $1,200 include a tune may set you back another $750

Best bang for buck ECU would be a camcon, you can pick one up for between 300-350$ wire it in yourself, and adjust your tune according to someone else's powerFC tune map. I believe someone has posted up a stock VVT map so you just adjust the camcon for the difference, it can also add and subtract fuel to get your fuel trims nice and level but you dont need to do that as the main gains will be from the cam adjustments.

the Camcon does only run on a 2dimensional map so it doesnt account for part throttle position but you can tune out your mid and top end which is when you floor the accelerator anyway. its not like you drive at 5-8k rpm at part throttle anyway...

Only problem is that they are hard to find and people will try to sell them for a higher price

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Not too sure if this link will work as I'm on my phone. But check out this fb group https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F&_rdr#!/groups/4476474348?ref=bookmark&__user=590276382 there has been two for sale in the past 2 months and I know a guy is pretty keen on selling his sometime soon.

There are websites for brand new units such as monkey wrench but they are selling for $1200 new. Plus postage and then like previously stated you'll need a harness and a tune. There are harnesses on another website for $450 from the states but it to sure if they will work correctly for our cars. There is a guy on this forum that sent them a wiring diagram and they said it was the same. So he's just waiting for it to be posted and will test it out.

All this information is for the power FC by the way. I should've mentioned that in the post sorry

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