[NSW] 1997 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR Rebuilt with Forged Internals

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For Sale - My 1997 Celica GT-FOUR - Rebuilt with Forged Internals, see below for details

Location: Kellyville Ridge NSW

Website: Carsales Ad

Condition: Used, but engine rebuilt at 134,000km

Selling as I need to upgrade to a bigger car

Asking $15,000 but price is Negotiable

1997 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR - 202kW at the wheels - rebuilt motor with forged internals - custom paint job - genuine Veilside bodykit with replica front lip.
Engine has been fully rebuilt in 2008 with:
JE Forged Pistons
Eagle Conrods
HKS Valve Springs
TRD Billet Cams
HKS Cam Wheels
Carbonetics Twin Plate Clutch
Link G3 Fully Programmable ECU with Display Link
This car was imported from Japan to New Zealand in 2006, I was the first NZ owner. At the beginning of 2010 I imported the car into Australia, where it has been fully complied. I have dyno sheets and receipts for all modifications.
The car has the potential to make substantially more power - I chose not to upgrade the turbo as the car is my daily driver and in current trim remains an economical, relatively low maintenance daily, which still turns heads and has plenty of power to keep a smile on my face.
I have owned this car for a long time, and always had it professionally serviced and maintained.
I am happy to answer and questions and provide copies of receipts and other documents for anyone who has genuine interest.

Contact via email - or on 0427 236 752

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Who ever buys this, please remove that front bar :p

I'm guessing this is a standard GT4 that was released overseas, not an actual GT4 Group A?

Good luck with the sale mate :)

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