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2008 Kluger KX-S water pump failure


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Picked up my 2008 KX-S Kluger from the dealership yesterday after it had had its 110,000km service. Clean bill of health until they noticed coolant on the water pump. Noted 'water pump showing signs of slight weep - replace - $2850'. No typo there - $2850 to replace the water pump. They describe it as requiring an engine out which is where I guess all the cost is involved as a quick view of the internet indicates I could buy a new pump for under $200.

My vehicle has only done 46,000km, has had a very easy life and has had every log book service since new. I am the original owner.

I did see a similar post on a 2008 Kluger water pump after someone had put their vehicle in for a 120,000 km service. Don't know what milegae that vehicle had done, but was wondering if it was also low mileage.

At this stage I have chosen only to monitor the pump and coolant level. The coolant level hadn't changed since the last service 6 months ago. Toyota did not presuure test the system. On the basis of a some coolant on the water pump I'm not prepared to spend $2850 - yet.

I had seen some comments indicating that this was the same motor they put in the Aurion and that they had determined a method for prepalcing the pump with removing the motor. Has anyone heard anything more on that?

Any, all feedback appreciated.

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Water Pump in my 2009 KX-S went at just under 80,000km. Took it somewhere other than Toyota and cost was probably around $600 - $700. Total cost at the time was $1,070, but this also included a service (oil change, new air filter, new cabin filter).

Definitely get another quote, you do not need to pay $2,850!!

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I recall reading (somewhere) the waterpump can definitely be replaced without removing the engine, however at least one engine mount has to be unbolted and the engine jacked up to enable access/clearance. Good luck, and please let us know how it ends up for you!

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Water pump replacement is about 5 hours work, engine in, not 12 hours , engine out as Toyota will quote you. Mine was anyway. 

Toyota quoted 12 hours plus $255 for the pump.Private mechanic (who used to work for Toyota) 5 hours plus $175 for the pump. 

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On 7/1/2017 at 1:20 AM, Mr Dee said:

Water pump replacement is about 5 hours work, engine in

Attachment outlines the steps involved and the source URLs for the water pump replacement.

Not looking forward to having to do a water pump replacement. Probably take me a weekend with lots of anger management breaks.

2GR FE Water Pump Removal Information.doc

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