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question??? what does this mean?

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I wonder wat these terms means, they are abreviation used in alot of racing movies and games

terms include;





cheers  :D

FC and FD are just the series code of RX-7s. the yellow one in the movie is a FD.

other term:

FF = Front engine Front wheel drive

FR = Front engine Rear wheel drive

basically the first letter tells you where the engine is and the second letter is the drivetrain.

also there's RR, R4, F4, MR.

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Take the time to read the descriptions they give in GT4.

I noticed that they are VERY detailed and accurate. :)


FC is a series 4/5 RX7

FD is the series 6-7 Rx7

FR is front engine, rear wheel drive

FF is front engine, front wheel drive,

MR is mid mount engine, rear wheel drive

AWD obviously all wheel drive

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Another Crummy, Useless, Rotten Automobile

Asia's Curse Upon Rural America


Awfully Unsafe Designs Implemented

Accelerates Under Demonic Influence

Automobile Under Demonic Influence

Another Ugly Deutsche Invention

Always Undermining Deutsche Intelligence

Automobile Unsafe Designs, Inc.

All Unnecessary Devices Installed


Beautiful Mechanical Wonder

Big Money Works

Bought My Wife

Brutal Money Waster

Bimbette Motor Weapon

Break My Window


Big Ugly Indestructible Car Killer

Big Ugly Imitation Chrome King

Brings Me Women but Broke My Wallet


Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips

Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time

Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time

Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques


Drips Oil & Drops Grease Everywhere

Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater

Dead Old Dog Going East

Dead On Day Guarantee Expires

Dead On Delivery, Go Easy

Dead On Delivery, Guarantee Expired

Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter

Dear Old Dads Garage Experiment

Daily Overhauls Do Get Expensive


Failed Italian Automotive Technology

Fix It Again, Tony!

Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation

Fix It All the Time


Frigin' Old Rebuilt Dodge

Fix Or Repair Daily

Found On Road Dead

Fast Only Rolling Downhill

First On Recall Day

Fabricated Of Refried Dung

Fails On Rainy Days

Fantastically Orgasmic Realistic Dream

Fault Of R&D

Finally Obsolete Racing Device

First On Road to Dump

First On Rust and Deterioration

Fix Or Recycle Dilemma

Flipping Over Results in Death

Flipped Over Roadside Disaster

Follow Our Rusty Dogsled

Foot On Road Decelerates

Forced On Reluctant Drivers

Formed Of Rejected DNA

Forwarded Once; Return Denied

Forward Only; Reverse Defective

Forlorn, Old, Ratridden Dustbin

Fork Over Repair Dough

Fouled Out Re-done Dodge

Frequent Overhaul, Rapid Deterioration

Free Or Reduced Drastically

Frequent Opinion: Really Disappointed

Fumes and Odors Readily Detectable

Funny Old Rattling Dump

(backwards) Driver Returns On Foot

Factory Ordered Road Disaster

Forget On Race Day

Factory Ordered Rebuilt Dodge(Datsun)

Flip Over Read Directions

Four Old Rusted Doors

Fixed On Race Day

Fought Off Recall Demands

Found On Road Dying

First On Rust Development

Fork Over Repair Dough

Founded On Reservation Dump

Ford Owner Really Dumb

Fumes and Oders Readily Detectable

Found On Rubbish Dump

Frequent Overhall, Rapid Deterioration

Fix Or Repair Dilemma

Flintstone Or Rubble Driven

Failure Of Reasearch and Development

Forced On Reluctant Drivers

Frequent Opinion: Really Disappointed

Fails On Rainy Days

First On Road to Dump

For Old Retired Dudes

Found On Roadside Dump

For Only Retarded Drivers

Ford Owners Recommend Dodge

Flipped Over Russian Dunebuggy

Found On Russian Dump

For Off Road Death

it Freaking Only Runs Downhill

Fat Old Rusted Dog

Freaking Old Rusted Dodge(Datsun)

Frigin Oakies Really Dig it

Funky Old Road Dog

Found on Road Ditches

Fails On Rainy Day

Found Only 'Round' Dumps

Found On Repairshop Driveway

Forged Out of Recycled Dumpsters

Fixed-up Old Repossesed Dodge

Found Old Rebuilt Dodge

Found On Railroad Dead

Found On Railroad Deserted

Forget OutRunning Dale

Fools Only Read Directions

Full Of Repairs & Damages


General Maintenance

Great Mistake

Garbage Motors

Generally Miserable

Grossly Misconceived

Gluteus Maximus


Garage Man's Companion

Gotta Mechanic Coming?

Generally Mediocre Cars

Get More Chicks

Gets Mechanics Crazy

Gods Mechanical Curse

Got More Crap

Great Mountain Climber

Great Motor Car


Gas, Tires, Oil


Had One Never Did Again

Hang On, Not Done Accelerating

Hallmark Of Non-Descript Automobiles

Hallmark Of Non-Destructable Automobiles

Happy Owners Never Drive Anything else


Hope You Understand Nothing's Driveable And Inexpensive...


Just Eats Every Part

Junk Engineering Executed Poorly

Just Empty Every Pocket


Most Always Zipping Dangerously Along


Money Guzzler


Might Go Backwards


Might Go Forward


My Intention: Always To Accelerate


Motor Under Strain, Transmission Almost No Good


Poor Old Numbskull Thinks Its A Cadillac


Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything


Send Another Automobile Back

Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown

Sad Attempt At Beauty

Sorry Auto, Always Broken

Shape Appears A s s-Backwards

Sorry A r s e d Auto Builders


Screwed Up Beyond All Repair Usually


Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto

Torturous On Your Old Tired A s s

The One You Ought To Avoid

Too Often, Young Owners Tackily Accessorize


Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object

Vehicles Of Low Velocity Owners


Virtually Worthless

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