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1995 ST204 ZR - Washer Pump


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Hey guys,

Im needing some help, the girls Celicas waterpump has crapped out for the windscreen washers. Now Im fortunate to have a brother who works for Autobarn however I was told today they cant get them in as they only supply up to 94.

Suggestions were made to go to wreckers and the likes however, you dont actually know if it will or wont work.

Does anyone know where or if anyone has a spare one they would be willing to part with or could direct me in the right place to go.

I am in brisbane but as long as i can sort this out and suprise her thats the main thing.



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There are a significant number of people parting their cars for parts on gumtree and the Celica ST204 model is very popular. I am sure if you had a look under the auto parts section you will quickly find someone with a wrecked Celica that can help you out!

Cheers, Frag.

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