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Hi all,

Quick intro as I have just joined up.

Extremely long time Toyota family/owner, 2 x Corolla, 1 x Hilux Dual Cab, 1 x 90 Series Cruiser, 1 x Forerunner, 1 x Surf, 1 x Camry 1 x Rav4, 1 x Lexcen and now proud new Kluger owner.

Pi ck the new addition up on Thursday and looking for tips, hints and things to look out for regarding the new drive.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

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Hi Greg. Tell me about your Kluger. I have seen them on the road but ….?

My fishing mate had a Hilux and he is sorry he sold it. “Bullet proof and easy to service”


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Well, where to start?

I have had several, well, many, Toyota 4wd's.

Very hard to knock them.

The Kluger is an upgrade from a 1989 2 litre turbo diesel Surf,so as you can imagine another universe altogether as far as luxury goes.The Surfs were not spartan by any means but it's hard to compare 2 decades of improvement.

I have only had the car for 3 days, but so far I'm bonding to it rapidly.

2008 Grande, Dark Grey with the works.

Pretty sweet ride so far.

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