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Viny wrap taillights


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Hey guys, this has been probably been asked but wanted to ask if wrapping the tail lights in Melbourne is illegal and if $100 is a reasonable price.

I was told that any tints other than the windows must have at least 70% transmittance on them. Just thought I would get clarification from you guys cheers

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I know in Queensland that tail lights need to pass a colour and brightness test.

Pending on tint it can actually change the shade of colour. As well brightness. If you do a light tint probs will have no issue. Those dark tints you see sometimes will not be legal.

This is queensland so hopfully someone from victoria can wage in.

Also if for some reason someone rear ends you. I pretty sure your insurance would drop you soon its found out you have dimer then factory tail lights.

Source: In 2012 my car was given a unroadworthy notice for tinted tail lights.

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I live in Queensland as far as I am aware mine are legal. All I did with mine was use 2 coats of Nightshade which is made for lights so the light still passes through them. If you want it a bit darker than mine you can always try and find brighter lights so it still goes through?

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