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My Toyota hilux is having issues with the fuel pump. Currently it takes 5sec min of cranking before the fuel gets to the motor and it starts. I've had it at the mechanic and he has replaced the fuel pump because the fuel pressure was lower than it should be but after picking it up from him it is still having the same issue when starting. I was thinking it could be some thing to do with the fuel resister with not enough volts on start up? Also does any one know if the fuel pump only starts when cranking or when the ignition is turned to on?

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Hey mate, I was having the same problem not long ago. The fuel pump only receives power to the pump when the engine is cranking/Running. IT DOES NOT receive power for a second or so to pressurise the system.

The electric fuel pump has a ball check valve in the outlet to hold the fuel from running back.

The only thing left is a new Pressure Regulator on the rear of the fuel rail part # FPR 113.

What did you pay for the new fuel pump ? I couldn't believe Toyota price over $700 dollars just for the Denso unit, supply only!!!!!! managed to get one thru local spares mob, identical Denso unit (EFP-340) for $139.

Took me around 3 hours start to finish.

From what I,ve read on different forums if its not the pump its the Fuel Pressure Reg.

Toyota is useless at diagnosing the prob,I tried telling them that the fuel is not being kept up to the engine after its been sitting over night as when I removed the fuel hose off the filter outlet, put a clear hose on the filter and the other end in a bottle and gave the engine a crank, it would take a few seconds longer than it has ever done for the fuel to come gushing through.

Please let me know how you get on if you do end up replacing the Pressure Reg. From memory the part # above is either a GOSS or DENSO brand and it was around the $150 mark ,

Best of luck mate, CONROD

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Hi Malmac, how did you get on. I just recently replaced my original battery (almost 8 yo ).

I replaced it with one of Centuries 4wd/marine Ultra Hi Performance Overland 4wd 760 cca.

Didn't realise just how quick the engine actually turns over and the best part its gone back to starting within the first second or two of cranking it ,Hot or Cold.

And by the way only run it on 95 premium now, that's what the hand book recommends (even though it says E10 compatible ) that in itself made a difference to cold starts also,

cheers bud

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Hi, i have a 09 4.0v6 4x4, at times it takes a while to crank over and when i give it some throttle it seems to be starving fuel and goes no where being a v6, been told its fuel pump, any thoughts are appreciated 

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