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Quit smoking!


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I've been deciding for the last 3 weeks if I should quit or not. Why?

Cause 3 weeks ago I got a fever that knocked me off my feet pretty badly.

I had 1 last cigarette in my car, so when I was able to drive, I finished that off and threw the pack in the bin.

I usually buy a pack to leave in my car to have if I start feeling sleepy (it helps keep me awake), but decided not to get one because I was still recovering.

Well... Since then, I haven't had a smoke.. but didn't know if I'm was gonna quit yet..

It's been over 2 weeks going cold turkey and I had my first craving today when I was out having a coffee with my mate..

Coffee with no cigarettes? Doesn't feel right for me.. They go hand in hand, like husband and wife.. hehe

I was just about to take one, but then my mud cake dessert came out, and I denied myself the pleasure of a cancer stick... :)

Just thought I'd share my proud moment of denial with all of you. :)

So I guess I've decided to hang up the towel for them!

The funny thing is that when I was a kid, I used to love the smell of them when my Dad's friends were over and having a ciggie. Found it so intriguing! :P

Now the fun part.. Coughing up all that tar build up in my throat... :P

It's already been 2 weeks of throat tickling for me... :(

But oh well.. I'll enjoy the benefits of a clearer lung in another few weeks. :)

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I quit smoking just bit less then 24 years, I feel great and healthy. Well I never even smoked :P but good on you for going cold turkey. Keep it that way and your body will be thankful for u, you will feel better plus u will also save the money that goes in our clean air when u smoke B)

Big Russ

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yeah top job fellas - to all of you who have quit.

i lost a close family member when i was 12 to lung/bone cancer... she smoked...

once you get rid of that **** in your throat, you'll feel so much better... fight through the cravings and eventually you'll be off them...

if you're a smoker... STOP BEING A RETARD!

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