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Battery flat. Remote control and keys wont open the door.(tried spare)


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I have a rather large problem. i parked my '06 sx6 aurion for two weeks and the battery went dead flat.I tried using the both(spare) remote controls and both keys and neither will open the door, which is odd as they have opened the door before.
I called my local toyota service center and they said "you will have to break one of the windows to get into the car and open the bonnet".
Although that is an option, i was interested if anyone else had other ideas?
regards clint

(yes, i did check if it was my car)

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Use the override key in the door lock, that should still work. It may need lubricating though as it won't get used much.

If there is an issue with the lock and that won't get you in then call an Auto Locksmith, it wont be cheap but it will be cheaper than breaking the window.

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Thanks mr2 for the reply but that didnt work.My mate had the idea of getting under the car and connect the battery charger to the started motor before the relay (and the other to the body), that way it might feed enough power to try and open the door, what do you think?

In addition to that my other mate suggested that maybe the battery is so flat that even the lock actuators can not be used, which makes a little sense but at the same time i always thought that the locks are mechanically driven through the turning of the key instead of motor driven?

In terms of locksmith vs breaking a window, i intended up calling a few wreckers in the area and find out what was the cheapest aurion window they have and comparing that against the price of a locksmith call out,

Thanks again for the reply

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I know that there are a few car makes where the locks don't work at all with out power but I did not think Toyota were did this, I haven't had one to try it on....

does the key even turn in the locks??? You should be able to at least open the boot.

Window Vs Locksmith.

have you ever had to get broken glass out of a car before??? you will still be doing it years down the track!

On the cars where the locks don't work with a flat battery one of the ways I have managed to get in is to wedge the door and use a long bit of wire to pull the bonnet release. I do have the proper tools for this to prevent ANY damage being done to the car, so I don't recommend trying this.

Your mates idea of connecting power to the starter - Not sure how that would go as I know nothing about starter motors, I'm guessing there is a low voltage wire from the ignition and a 12v from the battery so it probably would work but not recommended. failing that is the alternator fitted on the top or the bottom of the engine?

To prevent this happening later down the track it might be worth connecting a battery charger with a connection as per the link. Then the plug can be left accessible from outside the engine bay.


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The key goes in but doesnt turn. It acts the same way if you were using the wrong key(used the spare as well). The boot will not open either.
Good point about the glass didnt think about the mess it would make, the guys at toyota advised against trying to wedge the door open as it might make "cause it to lock up and then you will never get it started".
Yeah the alternator is the other option, i just thought the started motor would be easier to get to.
I am buying one as we speak thanks.

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With the key did you lubricate the lock?? It should at least turn. it is possible that the have been cut to the wrong code from the beginning, I do know some dealers don't care about this as the customer never tries them... so why worry... or more likely the grease that is in the locks from the factory has hardened and stopping it from working properly.

"cause it to lock up and then you will never get it started" - This is 110% BS

What is it that you are buying??? the window?

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How did you go?

I'm intrigued, I thought the SX6 had the standard key and remote, and the ZR6 has the smart key.

So if this is the case, the door lock would get used all the time.

It seems very odd that you can't turn the key.

I don't want to make you feel stupid, but are you sure they are the right keys? You don't have any other toyotas or know someone that has switched keys? Or maybe picked them up by mistake?

Just thought I'd mention it as it's happened to me before haha.

I'm interested to know what happens.

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You have tried the boot lock...

It should turn regardless of the door lock...

Oh and my Aurion unlocks and locks regardless of battery connected or not.

Sounds like an issue with the key to me...

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I ended up just paying for 6 months of road side assistance and got them to open it up using the airbags.
Yeah i do have other toyota's but i double checked just incase that was the case.
As soon as they put the booster pack on the alarm went off and could open the door straight away with no problem.

Thanks mr2 for all the help.

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