03 Toyota Camry Azura Service Schedules.

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Hi Guys

Have just purchased a 2003 Toyota Camry Azura which has all leather and wood, looks an absolutely stunning car but the ks are getting slightly up there around 148ks so I am thinking that the timing belt would be near due fro replacement.

Called a Toyota dealer near me and they said 1st is due at 150ks then 150 thereafter......does this sound correct !

Have had 3 quotes, 1 @ $1195, 1 @ $981 and 1 from K Mart Tyres @ $912 the 1st 2 are independent garages, all incl new water pump etc also had a quote to do a service on the auto transmission @ $190 do these prices seem to be about right !

I have had Camry,s in the past and all have been good cars with the top one being a Vienta Grande but would I be correct in assuming that the Azura is even more top of the range.

Thanks for any help and advice.


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150,000km is right. I would not let Kmart go anywhere near any of my cars. Prices are around the right mark.

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Stay away from kmart or any other servo. Toyota price seem a bit high, i had mind t-belt done for 600. Shop around different dealers

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