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differences in the IZZ ascent v levin

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hey peeps..

Today Corzza and I noticed that there are some differences in our engines..

I have a face lift ascent sedan and Corzza has a Face lift levin hatch.

The main difference is that I have a physical accelerator cable... and can move the cable manually from under the hood

In the Levin there is no cable.. it seems to be all electrontic ..

It seems that the sportivo (face lifted) has the physical cable as well ..

So it dosent seem to be a face lifted hatch thing ..

So why is the Levin different ... and is it different in the pre face lift as well >????

What is under your bonnets ??? and can any one shed some light ??

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What is the build date on Corzza's Levin? If its October 05 or later, then it will have the electronic accelerator that came with the de-tune for emissions.

If its pre-October, then there must be some other explanation.

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if thats the case does that mean that the electronic accelerator = 93 kw ... rather than the 100 ??

Yep, that's what I'm referring to.

The problem is, that Toyota didn't change their promotional material (i.e. website and brochure) until quite late, so a great many people will have picked up info on the 100kW model but ended up with the 93kW model without realising. Its probably not important for the traditional Corolla owner, but for drivers like us who a bit more into our cars, it could be very important.

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bugger pete ... :(

so there is some extra power not utelised ...

Maybe, but at least the difference shouldn't be so much at the wheels.

First thing Corzza should do is check his build plate, then he'll know for sure.

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if thats the case does that mean that the electronic accelerator = 93 kw ... rather than the 100 ??

Not only is power down by 7 Kw, Torque is down by 10 Nm :( , which is quite a lot when you consider the Stivo has 180 Nm :o compared to the old 1ZZ which had 171 Nm :D .

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lol! well i was on windsor rd and i had a starlet turbo try pass me well he battled! infact he never managed! and when i turned to look at him at the next circle he never gave me a look he drove off Vrrrrooooommm Ttsshh! never bothered after that! So im happy certainly does not feel down on power! if it is waht u guys say!

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yeah i really dont know!

i guess the only way we will really find out is to put her on a dyno.

Do it?

I find it hard to believe a starlet GT was having troubles taking you, even if it was stocko and was only staying in 5th gear, if he had his foot flat, i am sure he could have managed quite easily once it hit boost (if it hadnt already). Unless the Starlet GT turbos dont spool up until late...but i dont think they do...

Not bagging your ride or anything here Peter, dont take it the wrong way, but there must have been something wrong with that Starlet, either driver or mechanical :huh:

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Ill have to jump in and back you on this one pete but YEs i have to say that there are SOME starlet GT's that are alittle bit slower than average!!! I can say this since i have friends that have had their starlets running mid to low 11's with quite abit of work and i have also driven some that have come fresh into Oz still with JAp fuel in them (this is when they are exceptional) after they get the OZ spec premium they run like a bag of spuds!!!!Sorry to starlet owners but i gee'd my mate up to race one in his EG sedan airfilter and a exhaust and put that little starlet to shame???? :blink::lol: Go FIGURE!!!

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Thanks sunny!

yeah im not bagging starlets either just telling the ppl the story

the only mod on this one was a dump valve cos i herd the pressure vrrrom TTssshhh! i never saw an intercooler either. so it must have been the stock cooler.

but he wasnt doing very well. and im not talking crap! there is no nead for me to lie about this. im just telling you what happened.

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you never know what could happen, lets see i was driving along a road behind a slow ***** 180sx (one lane) and so i figured id make him go a little faster after all you dont own a nissan to be slow, so i tailgated him. at the lights we turned at the intersection and let it riped... dead even from 0-80 at 80-110 i was pulling him in (he was ahead of me from the turn) , now ive been in a 180sx before and they are faster then your average cars, either this is one of those cheapo foolz that imported a non turbo or either it was having problems on the day. i do not classify that as a win though bcoze i know what they are capable of.

all i can say is you never know :rolleyes:

(if any cops are looking at this i was doing 60 the whole time :lol: )

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