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hey guys the antenna on my stivo must go its one of the most annoying things on the car in my opinion makes it look like a remote control car, anyway i was thinking of putting a shark fin antenna on it the same as the one on the new bmw's, would assume it would fit with some tlc from my mallet if needed :) any thoughts?

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i thought they are fake and only cosmetic. if they do work i would guess they stick to your car with double sided tape and simply have a wire for you to connect to

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take your exisiting antenna off, and discover the problem to get to the roof's surface you will need to remove the head liner to get to the wires and also more than likely remove the left behind piece of antenna that you screw the head into.. not an easy job.. have thought about this a long time ago... also if your going for the BMW shark fin, they are designed for communications not radio signal.

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I have put the fin on my levin it looks good but the reception is pretty bad but i dont use the radio so i dont care

If you want to put it on i can show u pics of what the antenna looks like on the inside without the black plastic

I live in sydney if you want to see it we can meet at the meet or we can meet up soon just pm me and we can organise something or i can send u pics or hints if u want to go through with it

have fun deciding

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