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Water in ignition?


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I have 2007 ATX and washed it this afternoon.

I gave the engine bay a very light hose out to just remove dust. Did not use any pressure.

Now engine will not start. There is power but all I get is a very fast clicking (that seems to be coming from the starter motor area)  but no starter engagement.

Is there a particular connector that may have water in it that could be the major cause?

So if this has been discussed previously but I could not find anything with a search.


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A few days ago, I just happened to be looking around eBay and noted the following listing for further investigation as to the correct repair kit number for the starter motor solenoid.


Seller's website is quite informative http://www.repairkitsuk.com/1.html especially as I would prefer to do a minor repair rather than buy a new one.



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Thanks for this link, but I don't think contact wear in the solenoid is the problem.

It must be water in a connection somewhere as it was starting perfectly prior to giving the engine bay a light hose.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction of the connection that could be the problem?

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Did you vacuum and clean the interior at the same time? If you did, the battery could have flattened due to the interior lights being on for long periods.

The fast clicking is a sign that the battery charge is too low to engage the starter.

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I have checked battery fluid levels and cleaned terminals and have put the battery on the charger to run overnight.

Hopefully that may give the required result.

I will check battery condition after charging, but it should be ok as battery is only 10 months old.

Thanks for your help mate.

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