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2012 Kruger fuel filter location


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Hey guys

just wondering if anyone knows the location of the fuel filter on a 2012 v6 Kluger. Can't seem to find it under the hood. Car is blowing a bit of smoke and I think I've got dirty fuel and need to change the filter. Thanks in advance. 

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1 hour ago, trentmeyer23 said:

A dirty fuel filter won't cause smoke issues.

It's under the rear seat.

Thanks. I've changed the oil, which was pretty sludgy and the filter. What else could be making it smoke?

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22 minutes ago, Jake33284 said:

Thanks. I've changed the oil, which was pretty sludgy and the filter. What else could be making it smoke?

The 2GR-FE is known for smoking when suffering sludge issues.

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 If the 2GR-FE engine is blowing smoke either when accelerating hard or upon initial start up, oil sludge in the valve cover and the PCV valve are the most likely contributing factors. I learnt the hard way to thoroughly clean the PCV valve not just once but again at the next oil change/s when the engine is still smoking.

You can check for the amount of sludge in the valve cover by probing with a large plastic straw and also by removing and cleaning the various oil control valves and sensors. If you have lots of thick sludge, then best to remove the front valve cover [which has the PCV valve] and give it a thorough clean to desludge/clean the oil channels. Something else to consider is to remove the engine oil pan for a thorough clean and to check that the oil pickup is clean/not blocked by oil sludge.

Beside regular oil and filter changes every 5,000 km , I have periodically removed and cleaned the oil filter cartridge using either petrol or diesel to check the amount of sludge that is being collected. I have also flushed the engine using diesel [a few times]; idling engine for 10 minutes then putting in the new oil filter cartridge and oil.

Hopefully, your engine is not so badly sludged up as what mine was. 

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That was an excellent answer. Seems like you're right on the money. I will have to take the valve cover off and investigate as there is sludge at the oil filler. 

I did put engine flush before servicing it but hard to tell whether that stuff actually works. 

Thanks so much do your answer. I will say I get the smoke at start up when the car is leaning nose first down a hill but not when facing up the hill. Also it's intermittent while driving. Sometimes bad or not at all

thanks again

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 There are oil channels in the valve cover. When there is oil sludge accumulation in these channels, the oil does not drain as quickly and the oil can get sucked up via the PCV valve into the intake manifold. If this happens when you are accelerating hard, there will be a lingering smoke screen visible in your rear view mirror. If it  is happening overnight, similar result with vacum pressure sucking oil into the intake manifold.

PCV valve can get contaminated with oil sludge so it does not rattle/function correctly. This is why it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and/or replaced. 

I did a recent reply to the following thread with a URL about the PCV valve.


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