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Hilux LN106R engine swap 3L to 1KD


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Hi All,

I have a LN106R hilux cab chassis with a 3L 2.8L engine my brother in law had his hiace accident (repairable write off) and insurance let him keep the hiace which has a 1KD just wondering if anyone can share some information on how easily these engines can bolt into my Hilux.

Is there a difference between chassis from LN106R and a late model Hilux which share the same 1KD engine?

Any information would be appreciated.



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I know it's doable and has been done. I'm not aware of the specifics but it is most definitely not an easy job!!! Chassis, engine mounts (and size), bellhousing pattern are completely different. Not to mention all the electronic and pollution that goes with it. Besides, the 1KD is a much more powerful engine but many would argue that it is far less reliable and a overall worse engine. You'd be better off sticking with the 3l unless it's a project car and you don't mind a lot of **** around just for the ****s and giggles.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply! much appreciated.

It is just a farm truck which hasn't done much work. thought it may be a fairly simple change. the 3L has blown smoke and been sluggish from factory. 

Its due for a timing belt so I may get the injectors and the injector timing done and see if it improves.

Probably strip the hiace and sell the parts.

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