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Toyota Aurion vs. Honda Accord V6


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I have sometimes considered an upgrade from my current Aurion (2008 Touring) to a later model used GSV50R series Prodigy. However I have also contemplated a Honda Accord V6 (2012-2015) as an alternative. The Honda may cost a little more.

Have any members had experience with direct comparison with these two makes? What do others think?

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I did test drive the V6 accord 6 years ago before I settled on Aurion cos of capped service price. Power wise... V6 Accord (the current one) is 206kw with 339Nm where Aurion (also current one) 200kw with 336Nm so not much difference in between them but Honda V6 does have the deactivation cyclinder for fuel economy reason when pressing cruise button where Aurion doesn't have that option. I haven't seen what fuel economy is like but I am happy with my Aurion when on a long drive as its best was 7.1 litres per 100km and city/urban I am impressed. Ride quality: yes Honda Accord V6 was smooth and so comfortable when I test drove it but Aurion is also the same but a tad more firmer than Honda's but still liveable with daily traffic. 

If you want something different then by the means go for Honda V6 but there are other V6's you haven't thought about but yes the reliability is a must. 

To give you content: read up on this one: http://www.driveaccord.net/forums/86-9th-generation/ (ain't a member but a valuable research tool)

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I happened to recently bid on eBay for a Honda V6 as a potential bargain buy which did not happen. Honda engine has a timing belt not a timing chain and is an interference engine.

My personal preference is a timing chain so no need to be replacing a timing belt every 100,000kms. To me, it is a very good reason to keep on driving on with the Aurion.

A main reason for selling my 1995 Honda Prelude [after my sons got their manual license] was not wanting the drama and expense of replacing the timing belt.

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