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'S' Mode - Not working.


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Hi everyone,

Long time follower of the forums, first time poster.

I bought a 2010 Aurion ZR6 about a year ago and have been absolutely loving it.  I've noticed recently that the 'S' mode will no longer engage.  I've checked all the fuses under the dash and under the bonnet, none are blown. I even took the glove box out to check the relays (not too sure if that's how it's actually controlled), but they all seemed fine too.

I eventually took the centre console out and had a good look at the wires coming out from the gear selector. On the left side were about 3 wires which all seemed okay, though at the bottom were about 6 or so wires, with two looking a bit iffy. (may have caused a short circuit in wherever it is connected to?) so I fixed them up so no more shorts could be made. Not having too much experience with auto electrical, I'm wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem or might even know how the 'S' mode works / where it leads to and is controlled from.  I know I could always take it to an auto electrician, but I feel it'll cost an arm and a leg.

I understand that it's not an essential part needed to drive it every day, though it would be nice if all the features of the car were working properly.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Thank you :D

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What colour were the "iffy wires? How bad were they and how did you "fix them up"?

It should be on this fuse: 7.5A - ECU IG NO. 2

Any other faults or CELs? ABS, VSC, ETC.?

It is a fairly complicated circuit overall; however, if you aren't getting power to it in the first place, then you need to start there.

Do you have a multimeter or test light at your disposal? If not, buy one or take it to a pro.

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I had a look at the wires today, and it was the Brown (Silver stripes) and Yellow (Silver stripes) which were the ones I fixed. I stripped back the wires and used insulated lugs to reconnect them.

I've also just had a look at that specific fuse and it's all okay. I changed it out just to be certain and still no luck. I haven't had any other faults show what so ever.

As for a multimeter, I do have one, though I'm not too sure where I'm testing for continuity.

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My 2014 atx’s s mode has no difference from the d mode. So I was just thinking it should be like this. I owned a 2005 Toyota crown years ago and the d & s modes were the same too. So well maybe I need to check mine too. 

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17 hours ago, PengNZ said:

My 2014 atx’s s mode has no difference from the d mode.

Admittedly the earlier 40 series and Australian model, on my 2006 ATX when moving from D to S mode when driving e.g. 60kph, my gear indicator will initially display 4. The various gear values will display as I move the gear shift up or down.

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Yeah this part is the same. The display changes though But the logic of the transmission and the responding time of throttle paddles are remaining unchanged. When talking about s mode, does anyone have experience with Audi’s s mode? Audi’s s mode is crazy even if it’s a cvt box. 

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