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Brake Pad and Rotor - any brand?


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Hi, has anyone replaced Brake Pad and Rotor on their RAV4 2010? I think it will cost me $700 to get it done. I tried to find out how much it will DIY cost. And where to buy Pad and Rotor? Supercheap, Repco, Autobarn, ebay? Which brand?

Just to add: after rotating the tyres I notice a squeaking noise when I drive around 10km/h but goes away at higher speed (no noise at 40km/h)

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4 rotors and 2 sets of pads will set you back around $500-$600 for an acceptable brand. Obviously halve that for fronts only.

In terms of changing them, it is fairly easy.

I would suggest that you purchase a Haynes or Gregorys workshop manual if you intend on conducting your own maintenance.

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When it comes to brakes, I am not prepared to take any risks with unknown brands. In my eBay watch list, I have RDA and DBA rotors and Bendix brake pads. Some eBay sellers have a rotor and brake pad package deal which may be an option for consideration and then change over to Bendix pads later. SuperCheap has the occassional sale of 2 sets of Bendix brake pads for the price of 1.





Not personal experience but some internet research, something to consider is whether to replace the rotors and brake pads at the same time or not. Assuming that the existing brake pads are still in reasonable condition [i.e. not going to damage the new rotor], the new brake rotors are fitted and when bedded in e.g. after a week or so then the new brake pads can be fitted.

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3 hours ago, phil19 said:

Is there a standard size for all Brake Pads and Rotors?

This indicates to me that you have not looked at the DBA online catalogue. You will need to know model details of your vehicle and also measure to determine the diameter of the front rotor. Looks like the rear rotors are a standard size This is all part of the DIY process; determining what needs to be replaced and the correct parts. Alternatively, book your vehicle into a brake shop and they can deal with the issue of sourcing and fitting the correct parts. 

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Yes, you are right, I need to measure the rotor and pad size of my vehicle. Then go around shopping.

I took the car to the mechanic, it will cost ~$400.

Does anyone know about Hi-Q brake pads?

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On 08/05/2017 at 0:42 PM, phil19 said:

Then go around shopping.

I took the car to the mechanic, it will cost ~$400.

My initial reaction was that the $400 quote sounded too good but maybe not if the cheapest parts are used. If that was the case, you will be back in about 12-18 months to have the work done again.

The more aggressively you drive, the higher quality performance parts required. Merely as a starting point from a braking performance perspective, I would be considering DBA slotted rotors and Bendix Ultimate pads. Given that I mainly do urban driving, mostly drive sedately with extra braking distance and very light on the brakes, a possible "economy" option could be standard rotors and general duty pads.

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There are really quiet, no noise when reversing or braking. Most of the time I do driving around the city and I am not an aggressive driver. Lets see how long the HI-Q will last. :smile:


Hi-Q is Korean brand.

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