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Gedday all.

Although I'm not currently driving any Toyotas, I was pretty well raised with them. My Dad graduated to Toyotas in the early 60s, after some decades of loving Citroens.

My introduction to the Toyota world was Dad's first Toyota, a 1963 RS40 Crown Deluxe. This was our family car from 1965 (when Dad bought it as an ex-demo) until it shat a dizzy drive in 1978, since when its been dry stored. Classic barn find, you might say.

Regrettably in recent months, Dad has become nursing home material, so I have to clear out the house - and several cars - in short order, some of which are Toyotas.

Firstly, let me gently point out, that the RS40 won't be among those going "out the door" - I aim to have this one back on the road in the next few years, its few issues are relatively minor. Should be a gorgeous club cruiser :cool:

Having said that, there is also a 1989 MX83? Cressida GL and a 2001 Camry CS-X 2.2l wagon (both one owner) that will be looking for new homes very soon.



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