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1989 Toyota Cressida GL


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This Cressida is for sale; it was once my parents' "keep-for-best" car. Mum passed away 2yrs ago and now my Dad is now in an aged care facility, and can no longer drive. It has 80k original km, and apart from a stainless steel exhaust system, is as delivered.

It's a Silver GL, black bumpers and 14" alloys (in spite of my previous post), and otherwise unoptioned (no a/c - my Dad was very old school, aircon would sap engine power :rolleyes:). Has standard AM/FM radio and cassette player (!). Minor carpark damage (repaired) to FR guard, otherwise in good to excellent condition. It has recently been reregistered (deregistered 2yrs ago when Mum passed away) and therefore has a blue slip. For an interested collectory-type buyer, there is a period Toyota publicity brochure which can go with the car. It is fully road-registered for a year, reg CN-11-QC.

EDIT: the carpark damage to the FR guard has been thoroughly repaired.

In view of it's relative rarity (GL), its low k's, and good condition, I would like to get about $10k for it, although that's open to negotiation. I tried to get it featured in Survivor Car Magazine - it ticks all the boxes except as an 1989 model it's 2yrs too young. It would be good if a new owner could preserve it as it is, with not much modification, although I realise that such things will be out of my hands once it has a new owner. I am intending on advertising it via carsales.com.au.

If I was buying it, I would consider the following mods:

  1. Conversion to LPG (7MGE would be much more economical and just as powerful)
  2. Adding to the stainless exhaust system with some extractors
  3. Retrofitting an aircon system from an optioned GL, GLX or Grande
  4. Replacing the cassette player with either a CD optioned sound system from a Grande or that of your choice
  5. This bit is beyond what I would do, but apparently there is a turbo version of the 7MGE that would slot straight in.

Item: 1989 Toyota Cressida GL Sedan (silver)

Location: Dapto, NSW

Website: 1. https://seller.carsalesnetwork.com.au/my-ads?advertId=5058110

                 2. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bass-hill/cars-vans-utes/1989-toyota-cressida-gl/1174614570?posted=true

Condition: Good to Excellent (minor carpark damage to FR 'guard (repaired)).

Reason for selling: See above (next of kin has no use for car).

Shipping: Buyer to arrange if need be.


Contact details: contact me via PM





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On 10/12/2020 at 10:34 PM, ZZT86 said:

The Cressida is a rippa luxury car, beautiful.

I remember when these came out and it was a stunning vehicle back then. That silky smooth straight 6 too. What a car for the ages !

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