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Steering Wheel Compatibility


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Did a search on the site couldnt find the answer. Can a presara steering wheel fit & work properly on my 2011 Touring aurion? Im not concerned about the extra buttons not working for the climate control, hands free phone etc. just would like to know if the original buttons i already have will still work as normal and if the wheel itself is a straightforward installation.

Cheers !!!!


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Wheel came in the mail today, bolted up fine, changed button pads...... happy days. Im a little surprised nobody had a definitive answer, because this is one of the most easiest things ive done on a car lol. As long as you change over your original button pads, changing wheels is a breeze, although im not sure about the paddle shift wheels?

now will order some rosewood woodgrain vinyl wrap and attempt to do the door & dash spears and i will be happy with the interior



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On 10/4/2017 at 6:10 PM, Metal_Head said:

was told by seller AFTER i paid for it/posted that it will require different clockspring, im not sure why, but its more info than anyone here has offered. Will update.

Don't be too hard on us. I'm certain that IF someone here has done what you have intended, they would have shared.

It's not a common modification and would explain the lack of INFO you expect.

I hope you get it sorted so that you may well be able to share with us the ins and outs of converting steering wheels for those who feel inclined to do so.

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dont want anything on a platter. just didnt think swapping steering wheels made me a pioneer?

and you can see my last two posts contained info, hoping it would help someone else out, i certainly didnt mean to offend!!

while im here, does anyone know if the silver dash spears just pull off? Its a shame you dont see many presara bling pieces on ebay, inner chrome handles, woodgrain etc

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