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Adjust rear hand brakes


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Hi all,

Well after working on various cars since the early sixties I am officially stumped.

I have the manual and have Googled and all I can find is:

Remove rear wheels

Remove rubber plug on drum

Turn hole to six o'clock

Insert screwdriver and turn wheel to adjust.

Big problem is that no matter where I place the hole I cannot locate the little sprocket wheel.

So any assistance gladly accepted.

Reason being foot pedal goes all the way to floor and brake does not hold. Drums turn very freely by hand, so logic says that the shoes need to be moved closer to drum.


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You must be 10 years in advance of me. Also stumped at the time. Even afterwards I still reckon it does not work as you would expect.

I ended up taking off the rotor and turning that adjusting wheel a few turns then refitting rotor. I did this a few times in incremental steps. End result was to still have the rotor turning freely without the handbrake shoes contacting the drum. I was turning the adjusting wheel clockwise on one side of the vehicle and counter-clockwise on the other side.

Foot pedal should be loosened before adjusting the handbrake shoe clearance. Afterwards the foot pedal travel is adjusted [10-12 clicks from memory] so it does not go all the way to the floor to engage or disengage.

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