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The XV70 got a soft launch yesterday fellas/lasses! So excited! 


It looks like such a good deal! 


I am concerned about 2 things though...firstly the SL grade has only a 6 speaker system...secondly...would anyone know if it gets the same suspension setup as the Sx or is it the softer regular version?

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Yes, very much a soft launch. I think that Toyota is focussing upon disposing of the 2017 model while building up stocks of the 2018 model. 

Looks like the SX and SL versions get the sportier suspension settings. Good excuse to go for a test drive in the different versions.

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I hope you're right! The brochure blurb is rather vague with 'in addition to or replaces' that of the sx...one wld assume the SL does indeed have the stiffer suspension whilst the 18 inch wheels replaces the 19s. I went to my local dealer and they said that sales won't really be available until Feb...

Speaking of which, the website also shows a built in dashcam in the accessories! That is so awesome! Apparently it's always on even when parked. I've had so many accidents when parked unfortunately...5 I'm 5 years. Not to mention the countless door marks from inconsiderate patients. 

Anyway back to the xv 70, it kinda sucks we miss out on the better speaker system. 50grand drive away is rather steep for 6 speakers...but at least we have memory seats that the Americans miss out on. And 'ventilated seats'. Does that mean it's cooled and warmed? Americans only get warmed seats...

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if you peek in the specs only the SX has sports suspension as standard fitment and  not optional for SL. 

I am disappointed the red leather seats are not optional in my choice of the SL grade.

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Where did you look? It would suck if it didn't...however I read today at carsguide.com (https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/toyota-camry-sl-2018-review-snapshot-61137) that it had sports suspension...funily enough though the pictures were of the Sx and then for the SX the picture was the SL...

Yeah i'm also very disappointed with the lack of red leather in the SL grade! I guess i'll just go with the ivory leather if I had the choice...black is so boring to me. I also use car seat covers too so I guess it's not too big an issue...

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I found the full model specs in toyota,com.au.  Each time I view the new Camry details, Toyota has made changes to many details & pictures. I did print out the 3 pages of all models specs to compare them & it clearly shows SX only with sports suspension & no option to other models. Perhaps the motoring reviewers were told a different story at the release or the specs are inaccurate.

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I see now...you made me very sad indeed...😥. Do you reckon it'll be hard to add it in aftermarket? It's just a tuming right? Not different set of parts? 

I hate how Toyota keeps its top of the range features off the 'sporty' models! 

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