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Power w/o forced induction on sportivo?

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So i have a 04 sportivo corolla, pretty low kms 119,000 kms, it drives nice but i want some more power, have put injen cold air intake in and an exedy heavy duty clutch ( was having some issues with clutch before hand)

does anyone have some ideas for a bit more response and power without having to turbo or supercharge it?

Also a mechanic said i should avoid changing 1st and 2nd in 8000kms+ does this sound about right? 
I don't really thrash this car but when i want to put my foot down i definatly want more response in the lower rev range, and more overall power.

Thanks guys

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If you're referring to changing gears at 8000rpm, generally unless you slip the clutch you won't land lift in second gear without absolutely ragging on the box.
When i change into second from first, i delay my shift about halfway through (around neutral) to prevent locking out of the gear and grinding the synchro, it's how i munted second gear on my original gearbox.

Take it easy, the car's not even fast in a straight line so no point slamming gears to be honest.

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Generally the only way to make serious power on the 2ZZ is to go forced induction. The internals are pretty strong but you'll more than likely only be able to run minimal boost, 6-8 psi at the most before the motor goes (could be years 2-3 at the most from what I've seen online).

Staying N/A however, you'll need to consider opening up the engine, replacing cams, valves, retainers so pretty much replacing all the parts in the head. By that time, you will have spent well over $3k minimum at least to get most of it done unless you can do it yourself.

The best possible options which shouldn't break the bank for better response are porting your throttle body and ECU with tune (stand alone or piggy back). Porting your stock headers will also liven up the engine a bit allowing it rev out quicker and remove some of the low and mid range lag.

Engine was made to rev over 8000 rpm with ease, sadly the gearboxes can't take the usual slamming that say a Honda gearbox may take better. Simply slip the clutch a bit between 1st and 2nd to keep the car in Lift and you'll be fine. In the long run, it's much cheaper to replace a clutch than a gearbox.

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