converting 3 seater to 2 seater

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i have a 1994 hilux 3 seater and i would like to replace with bucket seats and centre console - which would be the appropriate bucket seats and console - sorry an i'm an office worker 


Thank you

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Done exactly that recently to my little 2001 workmate, picked up the original Bucket seat setup out of an 04 Hilux, drivers and 3/4 passenger seat, out with the old and in with the new, on mine the holes for the new seats are already there just blanked off with bitumen type tape,

just a tip, make sure the inner seat belts buckles come with the seats, I got the Lot for $80 from the wreckers, all in bloody good condition just requiring a good clean, which the wife helped do when we got them home prior to installing, that way you can let them dry out in the sun rather than sweating in the ute and I managed to sell the original reupholstered bench seat for $150 no questions asked

The difference is bloody amazing to sit in rather than on, and your back will thank you too,

If you only want 2 buckets and a consul you will be looking more to a dual cab for what you require


Cheers Conrod




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Thank Conrod for your reply and enjoy your Easter Break


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