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Kluger 2010 - To remove thermostat while flushing he cooling system?

Milo 10

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Hi all,

Kluger 2010 - Planning to flush the cooling system with Toyota SLLC premix 3 times. I know, a waste of coolant, but it's not too bad.

While I'm there, I will replace the thermostat as well. I was planning to remove the thermostat, put the hose back on, flush the system three times.

This way I wouldn't have to wait for the engine to warm up and the thermostat to open in order to circulate the coolant.

Then at the end, install the new thermostat.

I would like your opinion on flushing the cooling system with removed thermostat, please?





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Threads a little old I know but the Haynes manual says to remove the thermostat when flushing anyway so you were on the right track. Also crack the drain plugs on the block, with car on 4WD ramps you can get to the front one easily with socket, rear one you need to slide under past the crossmember where transfer case is and then with 3 socket extensions you can slide the socket up over the crossmember straight onto the plug and undo it. Also remove hoses from heater where it enters cabin, up top behind air cleaner box. Flush out with hose, drain radiator, remove top hose and flush through engine till it runs out other side, I drained about 8l of the supposed 11.7 it takes, was good enough for me, refilled with genuine coolant, will do it again in 12 months a couple of times to flush it more thoroughly. I didn’t pull the thermostat as it’s working perfect and didn’t want to upset it plus it’s a pain to get to!

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I'd flush with demineralised water instead of the garden hose. You'll always have residual tap water in there somewhere which isn't desirable. This is the contamination you want to avoid. You can get gallon drums of demineralised water very cheap for peace of mind.

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