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Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer and Magic SprayReview


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I noticed in the latest SuperCheap Auto catalogue the Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer reduced by $50 to $180.

https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/read-catalogue#view=catalogue2&saleId=32375&areaName=Other States&page=1 

After looking at the existing online product reviews and a YouTube video for cleaning car seats, I eventually decided to "flash the plastic" and get one. 

I have also been looking at DIY cleaning products using vinegar and/or washing soda. Finally ended up making a batch of "Magic Spray" using olive oil instead of eucalyptus oil.  


The girlfriend's carpet needed some spot cleaning so decided to use the Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer and use the Magic Spray.  

It was easy to unpack and comes with a number of attachments.

Some assembly is required but you could use immediately. Electrical cord is a decent length and a power point was nearby. As expected, you will need an extension cord when doing your vehicle

It was easy to fill the fill tank using a funnel, unfortunately one is not supplied. Both removing and refitting the fill tank was easy. 

Clicking attachments on and off was easy. Spraying of the cleaning product was an easy press of a button. 

I was surprised at how much dirt was lifted out of the carpet. I ended up pressing down harder with the head of the attachment in the palm of my hand to get a deeper cleaning result. 

Removing, cleaning and refitting the dirty water tank was easy. 

I then used an attachment to suck up clean water to clean the vacuum hose. The machine has a cut off when the dirty water tank is full and its capacity is approx. 1 litre. Just have to remember that it is intended to be a spot cleaner not a room cleaner. 

Overall impression is really good.

It is lightweight portable and very easy to use.

I consider it worthwhile having for DIY cleaning purposes, so will be putting it to good use. 

For those that may be wanting a more robust version and prepared to pay more, then perhaps consider this Bissell product priced at $400.




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Before and After photos of the carpet are attached. This household carpet is more than 20 years old and is due to be replaced. 

I think that it a good result for a portable spot cleaner. Also I was not using the Bissell cleaning products. 

Carpet Before.jpg

Carpet After.jpg

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It's good have such a machine like this handy for those small jobs. As you said Ashley, it is a spot cleaner and not a room cleaner so perfect for cars and the odd little mishap around the house.

We don't have any carpet in our house, but I'd definitely have one for the car and also the car mats, which can cop a hammering during the wet season.

I'm interested to see how the eucalyptus oil and olive oil mix would compare though. I would think olive oil wouldn't be effective as an ingredient for a cleaning solution due to its organic nature. I'm no chemist, just wondering.

Are the regular cleaning solutions too harsh ?

Good result on that section of carpet. That stain looked pretty soiled too.

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