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LED bulb upgrade 2012 200 series

Leo Henry

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There are some posts in the Aurion part of the Forum. STEDI is a recommended brand, Australian company with a 2 year warranty. I have previously used cheaper chinese brand LED replacement headlight bulbs. Finally got some that were initally good but then started failing in a matter of months. Eventually realised that quality is worth the extra $$ and bought the STEDI LED headlight bulbs as recommended by a few other Forum members. Still going strong after 12 months and I consider it to be the best upgrade that I have done.

On a separate note, the Aurion low beam headlights have a projector type housing. I expect that your Landcruiser would be using a reflector type housing.


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Sooooo I just bought myself a STEDI HB3 (High beam) $120 to replaced my Amazon Sinoparcel HB3 $40 for my Kluger 2011 (High beam reflector) and have been using Hikari 2021 Acme-X H11s - Low beam projector ($130 at the time), here is my 2 cents worth. 

  • Brightness - Sinoparcel probably pull that number out of their ***** somewhere and Hikari is on high, eye test suggested they are about the same brightness side by side
    • STEDI HB3
      • 3,450Lm each globe (RAW)
      • 1,760Lm each globe (Actual)
    • Sinoparcel HB3
      • 5,000Lm each globe
    • Hikari 2021 Acme-X H11
      • 20,000Lm (LMAO) divide that by 2 and it's what 10,000lm per? LMAO
  • Cutoff
    • STEDI has a more focused beam compare to Sinoparcel, in other words in a reflector housing expect more glare from Sinoparcel. It's OK if you out and about in the rural area (lets hope your LC200 actually leaves the bitumen lol) but yeah you wouldn't be driving with the high beams on urban roads either (this is even more relevant if your LC200 low beam are reflector type 
    • No comment on the Hikari as they sit in a low beam projector housing
  • Color Temp - True to it's word STEDI's colour is warmer and probably 'warmer' than my Hikari 2021 Acme-X low beams's colour temp, Sinoparcel's are definitely cooler (blue-ish white side by side comparison)
    • STEDI - 5700k
    • Sinoparcel - 6000 - 6500k
    • Hiraki - 6000k
  • Build Quality - This is where I think the you getting your money's worth or is it worth it?
    • STEDI - Being a passive cooling unit, it's METAL, it's QUALITY, it's BIG and it's HEAVY. You can definitely use it as a projectile and kill someone with it. Comes with a external canbus dongle which they provide some small zip ties and a 3M (the manual says) double sided tape
    • Sinoparcel - It comes with a fan, if you not a fan of a fan (no puns intended)... anyway it's about half the size of the STEDI unit, 1/3 of the weight and 1/3 of the price. You can literally buy 2 more spares, just saying. Build quality is excellent for a $40 unit but the main weakness will be the fan failing if not the plastic clips holding the fan to the back of the LEDs (main body is aluminum). Oh and you can hear the fan noise ONLY when you switch off the engine with the lights still on, I have a H11 set in my Aurion that's how I know.
    • Hikari Acme-X -  So for $130 bucks it's now $237 on Amazon, you can buy them cheaper via Amazon US. Look if I do this again, I wouldn't buy Hikari, their customer service is non-existence first of all. For the price the H11 adaptor and fan are plastic (fan are quieter vs Sinoparcel), I actually broke adaptor when I re-house the LED set in an attempt to improve the Aurion POS projector head unit and ended up buying another Hikari cheapest LED set and nick the adaptor off it. This wouldn't happen if I have bought the STEDI (even the adaptor is metal) nevermind the fact it probably won't fit anyway to the Aurion extra tight (that's what he said) left side headlight unit. 

End of the way you might or might not be surprised all 3 units the LED chips are made from China anyway, look around on other forums and you will find STEDI led chips are imported from China if not the entire unit, no prize for Sinoparcel ('Sino' is a dead give away), and Hikari listed Shilan as their manufacturer on their Amazon page.

Age old advice will be buyer beware and apply some common sense. 

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