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Toyota Kluger - buying advice


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I would like to buy a Toyota Kluger 2009 6cyl,3.5l kxr model driven approximately 1,90,000kms. Can any one advice me what are the expected mechanical servicing touch points that are required for a vehicle of this kms . The vehicle doesn't have any log book or service records, unfortunately to verify how the services were managed. 

As a part of my knowledge gathering, i happened to read that the timing chain needs to be changed at every 1,50,000kms. Likewise i would like know what else in servicing should i need to consider in my costing.








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G'day Aero.

Apologies for the late post, I was on holidays and not sure if you have made the purchase or not. 

In my case I bought a 2nd hand 2011 Kluger and it has been very reliable in the 5 years I've owned it. The only time it 'broke down' in all that time was due to a flat battery. I've had the auto boot lifter and front lower control arms replaced but other that that, there were not other repairs that comes to mind. 

I am a bit concerned that there is no log book or service history with your potential purchase. I had mine serviced every 6 months for the first 4 years at a Toyota dealership and now at a local mechanic. If properly maintained these cars are fairly bullet proof. Mine has done about 180,000 km and is still very quiet and smooth to drive. I have no intention to replacing it as it still meets all my expectations. 



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190k km...

  • Water pump is prone to go, mine did and I just did major major major service
  • Alternator (replaced as a precaution since they are together with the water pump)
  • Noisy bearings (pulleys next to the above 2 and was replaced at the same time)

Other ****es like gaskets and seals much depends how well the car was look after eg service intervals etc

I don't baby my Kluger, it's my family work horse and hopefully it's good to go for another 200,000 km.

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