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Rear proximity sensor constantly makes sound in reverse.


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I have a 2018 Camry SL, 4 cylinder automatic. Today, the rear left proximity sensor started to constantly make the sound while I'm in reverse. It's displaying the red icon in my dashboard. Could it be something that needs cleaning off the sensor? How can I find the sensor? If I need a repair, how much might it cost? I'm in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Also, would the other sensors work normally in the meantime?

EDIT: I notice some circular disk-like plug in the left of the rear bumper bar is loose and sitting slightly inside the bumper bar. Is that related?


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That's it, make sure its seated correctly, and if it's damaged may not work properly & cause the symptoms you explain. If the sensor and/or the wiring is damaged, replace it.

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21 hours ago, thisguy said:

It’s in an awkward position. Should I use sticky tape or something to position it?


Short answer, NO

Long answer, take your car to someone who can fix this properly.

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Someone or something has popped it in. Stick your head under the bumper, you should be able to push it back into place. I can't remember but it should snap back into place. By shining a torch you should be able to understand what's going on & fix it yourself.

Once in place sensor should work properly.

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