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  1. just get a cai, its great bang for your buck, at first mine felt pretty much the same as stock, but i reseted the ecu and WOW! its mad! but personally i think u had bought the wrong car, u probably better suited to big v8s or skyline or other torque monsters
  2. LOL when they pay for the fuel do they go "******en, that one over there mate" and point at there car?? Seeing as Jimmy hasn't replied yet.... YES, we get that a lot. Furthermore, it is usually followed by " Aw, I need a receipt with that too" in a half aggressive tone. They then read the receipt on the way out, and chuck it out at the door... yeah right they "need" one. They are checking to see if we ripped them off or not at the counter.... haha, peasants. And Suprathai, whats with the no searching for hookers? :P haha, yeah i get that alot too, i also work in a petrol station, so many people are thinking we ripping them of "that price is not right, did u give me the 6 cents/L discount?" reads the receipt for 2 minutes and say" now, where's my discount!? it dont seem right" i found that the people who complaint about the petrol prices are the middle age group, p platers dont really care they will put 20bucks worth of fuel regardless of the fuel price and Leory dont think too much about all the math thing man, just add fuel in and enjoy, otherwise u mind as well ride a bike like mr2zz
  3. is it a sportivo? coz looks like u got levin wheels
  4. looks top! sunroofs FTW! though i found the fully opened roof not really ideal in summer its too freakin hot, but in winter its so nice to have the sun on top of your head
  5. most likely they dont have a car if they do they have some kind of sh!t box! hate fcukheads like this no fcuking respect at all! iam sorry, i just really hate people like that. hope they get caught some day doing this and get their eye balls keyed really feel for ya man, hope u have insurance all the best mate
  6. i really like the red strip on the grill, what a good idea, looks really nice and clean!
  7. i always thought he had dark colour aftermarket rims
  8. glad u like it dude, i have them as well and love them so comfortable and handles well best thing for the street besides the highest grade of coilovers hope u dont mind me asking, what set up do u have on them? like....how many turns to firmest do u have front and rear?
  9. spotted a silver stivo with driving school ad on the door at box hill also spotted a sexy white facelift stivo? lowered, sunroof and maybe Black Racing wheels, also at box hill
  10. Everyone here is a bit behind the times. This was on autoblog in August 2007 with way more detail and full sized scans. Basically this is a result of Toyota's "Committee to create interesting cars" and is going to be a resurrection of the small, light and cheap RWD concept. The engine that they're planning on using is a 1.5L 2NZ-FE good for about 120hp. With an all-aluminum build it'll probably be a hell of a lot lighter than the iron block 4A-GE. They are keeping the weight of the car down as much as possible and they intend for it to come in as close to 1 ton as possible while retaining most of the modern creature comforts. Rumoured release date range between Christmas 2008 in Japan and mid 2010 for the rest of the world and the sticker price is to be below 1.5 million yen (that's approximately $14-17K). And yes, I'll be grabbing one of the first ones that are sold in Australia. i thought it would have a subaru engine instead of toyota, any how 120hp is a bit underpowered these days unless they make it as light as ae86 but i doubt that
  11. lets hope they keep it light weight and affodable, and it could be my next car i reckon it looks good besides the unpainted bumpers
  12. very nice ride dude by the way i have super low too and with 16inch wheels and how come you're lower? anyhow, facelift ftw! :P
  13. i like the idea of just buy a silvia sr20det would be great
  14. because when i gone cheap and service withe valvoline(dont know if thats how u spell it) oil and in first gear u cant feel lift kickin in, the oil was fresh and etc but the car just didnt like it, now i use helix semi synthetic problem is gone also have u try reset your ecu?
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