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  1. Sup fellas.....been awhile, i may be offloading my wheels to a friend so i may need some fancy new shoes for my aurion, this time i think i wanna go a big offset 9.5/10 inch rears......any recommendations for rim style?no chrome
  2. hey rai, i just recently did my 75k service, $250 at grand motors, they wanted $350 but managed to haggle it down the price, il scan the invoice and report and send it to ya so u can see what gets done. How many ks u done, your car should be still under warranty if its under 100k
  3. at first i thought "WTF" gone a little bit overboard here but looking at it again i admire the time and effort gone into creating this rolling disco. What i love most is the suspension/wheel setup with the agressive offsets and three piece wheel....who cares about it being a 2.4,its not a weapon to go up against a s15/subie, this car is meant to creep down streets with da bass turned up.
  4. http://www.stancenation.com/2011/02/01/mode-parfume-camry
  5. So much WIN here...........make me wish i got a rolla instead of the aurion hehe
  6. alot people ive talked have never heard of airruner, might have to import it direct from Japan or US, from my research its around $2.5k just for the gear.
  7. lets do a group buy mate, slam the **** outta these aurions
  8. anyone know of any camry/aurions on airrunners here in oz? would love to add this to my setup.................
  9. Cheers for the comments and feedback, appreciate it. HT - Next mods will probably be audio, i have a alpine/jl audio amp sub setup from my old car so all that is needed is the tv/gps/dvd unit and il be set, thinking of getting grey leather seats covers from overseas if i can get it at a reasonable price. Dutchie - I totally agree with ya, the car would look dope sitting 4 inches lower with the wheels sitting flushed, for that the only way to go is air runner suspension like the camrys seen in Indo/Thai but were looking at $3k for the setup, coil overs will help but will still scrub when going super low with 20s, if my daily commute didnt involve lots of turning i probably would given the springs the hacksaw treatment hahahahaha. Rai - lets meet up you know where to find me, and the plates are just the standard 3letter2number combo
  10. Hello all, let me introduce my ride, its a 08 atx aurion with a few conservative mods just to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle,im not going for a vip or agressive/racy look just a clean and simple look so i dont plan to get any bodywork done, maybe a grill and some darker tint will be the only exterior mods il do. Currently the car is rolling on Zumbo Kuverup Machined alloy 20x8.5 Wheels wrapped in Achillies atr sport 225/30/20 rubber, i may change to a deep 5 spoke rim in the future. To lower the car i chose Pedders sports ryder springs, i originally wanted to go with Eibach springs but couldnt justify the price here in Aus compared to US/Asia prices. Interior is stock but i plan to get leather seat covers and a gps/dvd/tv system when they release the newer one which i hear will be out in january. Overall im happy with the car, its smooth and has abit of go, only thing i dont like is the triptronic could be quicker and more responsive, and sometimes the aircon smells like sweaty feet but all in all its a perfect daily cruisy car. Dri
  11. Before i order a brand new one off ebay, just wondering if anyone pref in brissy/goldcoast that is keen to sell there unit, must be current model. Hit me up a pm if u wanna talk shop. cheers
  12. ddr11

    Defyant's SX6

    hey nice ride, i too recently installed the pedders springs but in my opinion it didnt give it a 40mm drop, more like 20-25mm tops, but overall i was stoked with the result as the ride was actually improved and i get zero rubbing and thats with 20s...... Im looking at getting my windows tinted too, how much did get yours done for if you dont mind me asking, im looking at a few different types of tint but may decide on getting some darker (illegal) ones, i just love the look of them. If your not happy with the look, i suggest changing the wheels too, in my opinion a white aurion would look good with the a silver/machined 20inch 5 spoke wheel.
  13. My setup Wheels - Zumbo Kuverup 20" x 8.5 +38 offset, 225/30/20 tyres Suspension - Pedders Sports Ryder springs, ride comfort and handling has improved over stock which was a big suprise, no rubbing at all, could be a bit more lower but i guess the springs need abit of time to settle. No issues so far.............