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  1. Item: HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Pro Kit 86/BRZ - Part No: 15004-AT011 Location: Sydney, NSW Item Condition: Brand New in Box - Only opened to inspect contents Reason for Selling: Selling I as I no longer need it. Price and Payment conditions: Price is $1000 - Can post at buyers expense. Pick up at 2000 BH, 2560 AH. Feel free to PM for more details.
  2. Give the Spare Parts department over at Castle Hill Toyota a call. Long time ago when those new headunits came out I put one into my 2008 Corolla. I got that USB connector from them for about $45. Had AUX with it as well but never got that to work.
  3. Hmm I maybe around the area .. I'll bring the 86 along.
  4. Canon_Spec

    Dash mat

    Here ya go.
  5. So its probably time I introduced my ride. I've had it for almost a month now and its exceeded all my expectations. I drive it to work daily so I'm sure I'll have driven past many of you. Might start a thread for the car once I begin the mods. Ain't she lovely!
  6. I can help you with that one too.. No it doesn't
  7. Hi mate. Part no. you need is PZQ60-00121. Done the same thing to my 08 Rolla.
  8. Hi Jason, I have the model below this one without the Sat Nav installed in my 08 ZRE Hatch so hopefully I can answer some of your questions for you. Although they are different units given the main difference is the Sat Nav, I assume they function the same way. 1) Not sure if it pauses CD playback on receiving calls, but I know it does when an iPod or USB is connected. I can test this out for you if you like. 2) From what I've read most of the operations of the Sat Nav are locked out even to the passenger (only if you have the speed sensor attached). 3) Not sure about folder names when playing MP3s. I need to get back to you 4) Installation is pretty much plug and play. You may need to get a harness for the aerial cable and steering wheel controls if you have them. They changed the aerial plug on the newer units to a square plug type which I assume is to accommodate the new Digital Radio functions. 5) From what I've read you can move around on the map (you'll need to verify this yourself thou) 6) For the most part Bluetooth has been solid. I currently use a Galaxy S3 and it works flawlessly (even the Text to Speech function for messages you receive works). Previous to that I had an iPhone and that worked with no issue either. For unit to sync up with your messages the phone must support the Bluetooth MAP Profile.
  9. Holy SH#$! I hope you find this guy. That is just bad form. Was there much damage to your car?
  10. Did that happen just as he was launching it down there road after pulling out of Maccas? Sounded real nice!
  11. Not sure about the rear width but good chance front is alright.. According to the ZRE FAQ which can be found here The stock wheel sizes for the ZRE are: i) Ascent: 15x6 steel with 195/65R15 91H tires ii) Ascent Sport, Conquest, Levin SX/ZR & Ultima: 16x6.5 +45 alloy with 205/55R16 91V tires Stud pattern: All grades - 5x114.3 Wheel nut thread: M12 x P1.5 Want to buy wheels? Check first using Wheel Offset Calculator & Tire Size Calculator. Generally, people have gone 17"/18" by 7-8" wide rims with +35 to +40 offset. Best to search or ask/PM someone first before buying!
  12. Yeah there is a at least one. Saw a ZRE with them and a ZZE last Saturday's meet.
  13. 1. m.C 2. reserved :P 3. Windsor (Echo) 4. ChrisZRE 5.alan.chalkley 6. Cappuccino - in the new beast ;) 7. chrise2490 8. canon_spec Can't wait.
  14. Anyone around Brisbane, 4127 area willing to pick up a lens for me. Will pay in hugs and kisses

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    2. Brad - SX6

      Brad - SX6

      Son of a.... Nice lens, been looking for my first L lens, looks like it'll be the macro 100mm since I already have the 18-200.

    3. Canon_Spec


      What sort of shooting do you do. Macro photography is so much fun and dangerous. I've been stung so many times by bees lol.

    4. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      what u talking about? getting stung by bees is awesome.

  15. Looks like I'll be needing my Delorean to make this meet. Anyone need a