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  1. I've now done approx.17,000km on my Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres and have just measured the tread depth: Front Left is 4.5mm - ( was 6mm 7000km ago) Front Right is 4.5mm - ( was 6mm 7000km ago) Rear Left is 4mm - ( was 4.5mm 7000km ago) Rear Right is 4.5mm - ( was 5mm 7000km ago) These tyres had a tread depth of 7mm when new so they will not be lasting like the original Michelin MX-V8 Energy tyres which still had 3-4mm left at 76,000km! - Then again the grip from the PS4 tyres is still excellent with only a little road noise depending upon the surface involved.
  2. Another quick update on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres fitted to my 2010 SX Sportivo. I have now done almost 10,000km and have just checked and rotated my tyres. As per usual I've carefully measured the tread depth and it is as follows: Front Left is 4.5mm Front Right is 5mm Rear Left is 6mm Rear Right is 6mm These PS4s were fitted at 75930km and checked and rotated today at 85794km. Wear is even across the tyre and they still grip very well, especially in the wet! I'm very happy with these Michelins, the wear rate seems to have slowed, (and even
  3. Just making the point that one area specified ULP and another PULP,(95). Aurion was great giving you the choice of ULP or PULP depending on your budget, (12 cents per litre dearer here in Tassie). New Camry V6 seems to be removing that choice with this newer engine.
  4. Noticed in the link Peng gave, that Toyotas' Specifications for the SX V6 were a little mixed up! One area showing V6 Specs says, 'Four cylinders, in-line...' ??? Also mentions 'Unleaded Fuel' then 'Minimum fuel octane number - 95' ???
  5. Hi Martin, I have a very poor copy of the TOYOTA instructions for Tow Bar Wiring in PDF format that show you the part numbers etc. All the best with it mate, hope it helps you out. Aurion_Towbar_Wiring_Harness.pdf.PdfCompressor-894151.pdf
  6. Hi Guys, I have also been using NULON 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil for a while now and couldn't be happier with it. I buy the 6Lt container and find it fills the motor to just on 4mm over the full mark on the dipstick, (that includes using a new filter of course). I almost always check when 'COLD' from overnight in the garage, although when checking 'HOT' it still seems the same 4mm overfull. Also the oil level never seems to vary during the service period and the colour still remains 'honey' like even after 7000km of use!
  7. Hi Darren, welcome along to the Forum mate ! Seems like you will need to buy the TRD rotors to match your calipers, (upgrades never seem to be as easy as you first think). Trent's advice is good, he sure knows his stuff but can be a little err...blunt at times,( sorry Trent !) Please don't be put off with the Forum as there's a wealth of information and help to found here that you wont find anywhere else. Good luck with your brakes and remember to make sure they are safe when installed.
  8. I've now done just over 5000km on my Pilot Sport 4 Michelins and have carefully measured the tread depth again. Front Left is 5.5mm all across evenly. Front Right is 5.5 - 6mm. Rear Left is 6mm even. Rear Right is 6 - 6.5mm. This is after fitment at 75930km until today at 80988km, travelling Tassie roads, ( yes they are sealed), and driven 'normally' with the odd Targa Tassie fun route thrown in! Maybe a little faster wear than expected but will probably slow down, (the wear not me), as the rubber hardens up. Going by the tyre wall DOT, all 4 tyres were
  9. Thankyou both so much for your helpful information on the Fuel Filter problem. Would be so much easier if Toyota told you say,...2006 - 2009 had 'X' type filter and 2010 - 2012 had 'Y' type. But of course that would be much too easy wouldn't it MR TOYOTA !!! Thanks again for your help guys, it's what makes these forums so valuable.
  10. I'm looking at replacing my 2010 SX6 fuel filter and have noticed 'Ryco' makes two different types, Z646 and Z708, and lists BOTH for 2006 - 2011 models? Some sellers warn to check against OE number, (which I guess is fine if you already have the filter removed). Of course I would like to know the correct filter number for my AURION, so I can purchase it before I start the job. Would anyone know how you go about selecting the correct one?
  11. Many years ago I suffered a shattered rear screen on my Mitsubishi Galant. The previous day to this happening I had fitted an 'Aunger' brand external rear window louver, and have always blamed my heavy handed fitting of it to the otherwise unexplained shattering of the window. I had never heard of 'sympathetic thermal stress' back then but I guess it would make sense now in hindsight.
  12. Just a quick update on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres fitted to my 2010 SX Sportivo. I have now just clocked 2000km on the PS4 tyres and after carefully measuring and remeasuring the tread depth,(with the depth probe on my Vernier caliper ), I can report they have all worn down between 0 - 0.5mm, except the rear left that seems not to have worn at all?! I checked them when fitted and the tread depth new was 7mm, now it is between 6.5 - 7mm. Wet Weather handling and control seems almost as good as when driving in the dry! Where as you normally back off in the wet, the temptat
  13. Yes I agree with the two Tony's, stock up on your favourite oil when they come on special and if it comes in the 'Aurion handy' 6 litre bottle then all the better. Also thanks goes to Tony Prodigy for his photo of the 6 litre NULON bottle as I was too lazy to go out to my garage and take a pic' of mine! I've noticed some other Oils doing 6 litre packs but not many, and not all year around like its just a special promotion, (and not the norm like it should be).

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