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  1. i have a tray lol, but it just looks (NOT RIGHT) like u said.
  2. thats right bro. but u will have a gap on either sides (well i have) looking for a kit that will make it look nicer. im waiting for a reply- http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...showtopic=10539 for that kit =]
  3. i just used the standard brackets. the screw holes even lined up, so just screw and bolt back in place. =]
  4. Officially: I’m doing electro technology computer systems cert 3 at Tafe atm. (apprenticeship). Also i have done frontline business management cert 3 at tafe. Unofficially: Worked part time in a hobbie store for 3years, so anything RC i good with. Webdesign , graphic design and anything computers and electronic im good with and love. Im not to bad with the old hands and fixing mechanical problems also =] All my mods on my car are done by me, im only 18 btw =]
  5. magic

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    i think there very good, not to stiff and not to loose, handles well around corns and doesnt hit hard on the bumps. but im not sure what king springs feel like so i cant compare atm =]
  6. sorry to hi jack the tread but where did u get your kit from 'Suprathai' ?? cause i have replaced the deck and just put a din tray under it and the side are empty and look crappy lol (its ****** me off) lol thanks
  7. magic

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    i got pics!!, the link is in my sig
  8. thats sucks so much for you! as im guessing u no hope all goes well and u get the fine dropped. p.s i must live near you, i no that road and yer the cops love it. lol
  9. oh i c what u mean,so its 141 at the engine and by the time it gets to the wheels its around 100 to 110. if im getting the right message from you ?? lol magic
  10. magic

    I'm new

    NSW. not yet will get the camera out this weekend hopefully . thanks for the nice welcome =] magic
  11. so what everyone is saying is that 141KW is way to high for a stock stivo?? and its normaly around 100 to 110kw?? thanks magic
  12. magic

    I'm new

    Hey all, im new to this forum. my real name is aiden i'm 18 (green p's) i drive a 03 sportivo (silver) its mostly standard but when i slowly get money it goes on the car lol so far, i have changed the - Deck to a kenwood xxv-01 / 2x10" subs (currently building a new box for my 2x12" MTX subs) - lower suspention - undercar LED kit - thats it for the moment. the next big change are the rims. so yer thats my story and hello :) magic
  13. Hey all im new to this forum if u haven’t already guessed…. Im just wondering do u no what value the kw is on average?? I googled it and found on Drive.com.au - http://yahoo.drive.com.au/Editorial/Articl...32217&vf=15 Power = 141 Kw Is this right?? Thanks for your time. p.s I drive a 03 sportivo. magic

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