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  1. nice work, im liking it very much !! got any 1/4 times ?? Dyno results ??
  2. magic

    ke11's Ride

    nice rolla :D welcome :D:D:D:D
  3. yer 4 weeks is enough !!! um im in =] but i want blue !!! bank details please =]
  4. Dead. No chance. Sad. This is why you slow down and don't speed. .... u cant go through toll guards like in need for speed most wanted lol tisk tisk....u only learn once lol
  5. i sure there would be away.
  6. if u are going for a new colour it shouldn't be too much more than a full respay cause your car is white, if u had a black car and wanted it white then u would be looking around 5 to 6. but i would say myself, i wouldnt pay more then 3 to 4 for a full repray. it could cost more but is it worth it ? sell the car.....and with the 4 g's your saving for the spray add to the car and then u get a nice newer looking car. thats what i think :D.
  7. they are the same paint code thats his problem the car paint hasnt been looked after by the first owners. but it could also have been the sprayed mixed it incorrectly ?? a few different things could have gone wrong. but if he resprays it not going to be cheap, but looks like he doesn't have much choice
  8. i drive past a store in narellan everyday, might go in there one day =] p.s nsw. website = http://www.autojoy.com.au/main.htm
  9. a respray will fix it but i would go to panel beater / smash repair place and see what they say. im sure they will no the best thing to do.
  10. in the rolla's there is this foam that sit between floor and the spare, not sure about your car, but i got some new foam and cut it to shape, where the sub sit its under there. for the amp there is just a thick piece or carpet just to protect it for the spare otherwise theres a lil gap but nothing to bad, u could leave it rest on the spare if u like but i didn't. :D
  11. do u think they will be at the address provide before 13th July?? thanks mate
  12. ok what i did 2day... got a new muffler and a tip total cost 150 fitted which i thought was good seeing as i walked in on a saturday and was finshed in 30 mins...i walked up the road got a feed and walked back it was done !! lol ok so i got a sports muffler and a dump pipe tip, the rear skirt is going on soon the guy didnt paint it the other day cause i still needed to give him my dash piece and wanted to do it all at the same time. so it should be fitting ether some time this week or Saturday im thinking Saturday. the way its mounted is the same as the standard muffler just with a dump pipe t
  13. holy **** !!!!! um noob question would this happen to a stivo if u did the same?? im think yes but not so bad ?
  14. yer sorry was typing fast at work the h is near the k .... and cause im not suppose to be using the internet for personal use and my section boss sits very close. but besides that .... im going to a place 2morrow after work to figure out the situation =] but i have another question if the rear skirt is all ready painted can i still cut the hole in it without stuffing the paint job or will i have to re paint it again ?? anyone no from experience ?? help is much appreciated
  15. i thought it was wrong my bad sorry will fix it :D might have to do that.
  16. Hey all If u didn’t no I finally got a rear skirt :D thanks RoLLing BLK Now the problem is im getting it sprayed 2day its already there being done as I type, I realised when I put it on u wont be able to see my exhaust now I was going to cut it to fit the standard stivo exhaust but its too far back …. But then it got me thinking im saving atm for a whole new exhaust system probably a CES one now it took me ages to get his rear skirt I don’t want to cut it and then buy the ces system and the hole is too big or just make it look shady if I put in a twin pipe muffler on. Im sure u no wh
  17. its cool mate :D cant wait, can u send a pm to XploShun (if u havent) just with your postal address and yer thanks Aiden

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