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  1. its a great add. but cant find it on youtube ..yet :D
  2. cant wait sounds good. thanks heaps for running this. :D
  3. if i get it before saturday ...... its going in saturday WOOT !!!! !!!! can't wait :D a massive thank you to XploShun for the hard work !!! hope to meet you at a meet sometime :D
  4. if it doesnt swing back....how do u get it back and change gear's and keep your rev's??..... if they have done the hydrolics thats part of the adjustment (thats what they told me), but i have never had this problem YET *touch wood*. im thinking new clutch... but if u have a mechanic they will no what to do and try ever thing before they say new clutch :D good luck with it.. let us all no the out come cheers,
  5. sweet for sure man :D um u are talking about amp locations...um there is a link in my sig below to my install..it required alot of work the best place and im thinking about changing mine is the back of the seat but i wuld make a new frame so its not directly on the seat just looks like it.... it u get my drift. if u are going full stealth mode check out "CjRasmu" in member rides, or if u are going for show looks i would do something like "MR and MSROLA" ride... i love it and would so do it myself but i need the boot room lol. anyway yer there are alot of thing u can do :D
  6. hey mish as eric contacted you to say he's paying ?? :D
  7. haha so true :D ---------------- um all i can think of is just find a very quiet street, or big car park(most footy ovals have big parking lots ..grass but not the point) and just try and u will learn in no time. dw if u are crap at it, everyone (most) people are. nows its just normal .... i hate driving auto's i put my hand on the gear selector and push my front (left) on the floor but there is no clutch haha learn Manual u wont regret it :D
  8. thats ages but the effect is great nice pics btw :D
  9. magic

    The SR5

    hey all, This isnt my car but my dad's work car/truck lol, i know i havent posted pics of mine yet waiting for all my mods to be fitted / finished anyway thought i would show u my dad's car, i drive it once a week if im lucky. very nice and easy to drive, great on fuel. turbo diesel, i love it. pics :D
  10. good luck with the car your most likey be getting :D off topic: your from campbelltown ...so am i in away :D
  11. yer i agree...Mikey ... why cant u drive the rolla?? im sure if u got an old car u would get the ****s cause your too use to the rolla and end up drive it anyway. :D
  12. thats correct i WAS paying like 20 to 30 $ a week in fuel to and from work lol so great that way.... this is mine -> CLICK TO SEE MY OLD RIDE p.s it under my dads name.
  13. wow like RoLLing BLK said ...how did u do that effect in the first 2 pics with the clouds?? cheers, p.s i have a nikon D70
  14. im with this 99.9% the only problem is 1k thats a total bomb i think i would say 5 to 6K will get u a nice looking car, and that will do a great job...remember u will have it for a year or so, i would rather spend a lil more money and have a nicer looking car that wont brake all the time. i had and still have in my garage a 1993 Charade....no injectors and 3 cyl 1.3ltr engine, no power steering well no power anything lol..ok it was slow but it did the job...i learnt how to drive a real car without all these power acc's, tune to engine and fixed most problems that came up. it looked nice not li
  15. u still have a year on your L's right ?? dont get a head of yourself...just dont worry about it till about 2 months before you get your p's ....but that doesnt mean dont save your money. i say this cause i was the same...looking at car sale websites and being like i want ...thats nice i want that one two lol. just sit on it. trust me, i did it and it workied for me(your worrying yourself for nothing)...SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!! im still on my green p's only just got off my red's i still have the car i learnt to drive in. :D
  16. 58esItDetjA ge47ktrz4Sg found a few new onces that are funny thought i would share. :D
  17. yer true. thanks for the replys mate
  18. yer true.... thats not too much, im just thinking the speed cameras and the police. im a p plater lol
  19. im thinking about doing this ..... i dont think u can but can u buy chrome spray paint ??
  20. 9 mm thats nothing really but 3 % is.... so when u read 100 on your speed your cars really doing 103 ?? or is it 97 ?? does anyone no if u can get 18's with tyres and stay the same as the stock stivo rim / tyres. thanks

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