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  1. hey cheers for the reply...i cant find anything about this "grey goose" you are talking about
  2. Hey All, just wondering about this product on ebay -> http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=260245569745 i purchased the chrome covers off J_J a few weeks ago but for some reason one of them stopped working and its not in the wiring so im trying to fix it atm.... but i was looking at that product above and thought it would be better than just a cover...anyone else put these on there car??? let me know Cheers
  3. its there.....took me a little bit to find it lol the way you know its there is the right door senor .... if that work its there lol
  4. hey i no this is an old topic and all.... but i purchased a carputer last night for around 500 all i need to do is buy the screen (2 weeks or so) and a gps reciever. so im not in the middle..just at the start. cheers.
  5. http://www.llamma.com/xbox360/index.html :D
  6. thats awesome!!! now you can come by and do ours :P get any pics on the process though? na i didnt but its was the biggest pain lol. the wires are a perfect length so when you cut it you cant join it back up .... you have to get more wire from somewhere else and join in on..thats the way i did it lol.
  7. i was at the meet but didnt go on the cruise... are there any pictures of the meet or cruise ?? cheers
  8. ok i have installed them and there all working !!! woot woot :D thanks Mish :D
  9. nice ride.. how did you paint the back lights ?? can u still see the brake lights well ?? cheers
  10. best mod so far !!! i love it so much. big thank you to XploShun to and qkslvr for helping me install it
  11. i just got home from picking up my cai from qkslvr (nice guy we had a good chat ). thanks heaps XploShun cant wait til saturday to fit it :D
  12. like i said on msn its very nice man !!! CANT WAIT TO GET MY DOOR SILLS !!!! there so hot :D
  13. im guessing the next few days...i will say wednesday :D im going to install in on sunday (after the meet...when i get out of bed) lol.
  14. very nice work mate !!! i will be using this when i get money / the kit thanks !!!
  15. hey mate where abouts did u get these rims ?? got a website link ?? thanks
  16. The far end of the CARPARK....not the road......... the car end of the car park is the end not at the entrance......when u drive into the carpark entrance... drive to the FAR END... i dont know how else to explain it..... Magic dont stress about it too much... u cant miss it & u wont miss us.... And yes it will be packed... Hence why i said lets meet at the FAR END.... sorry that im stressing. :D can't wait, 1 week left
  17. was looking at the map and i no where it is but u said at the far end....on the map it looks like the Australia Ave is a through road ?? http://www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/Visiti...ort/car_parking let me no thanks.
  18. if u dont mind and can do it... get a map of the car park or Homebush area and edit it in paint pointing to the correct place ... p.s i have no idea where the p6 carpark is anyway lol cheers, magic
  19. i havent seen one .... but i saw this last night "turbo" -> http://www.cardomain.com/ride/607909
  20. i havent looked or heard of one...but i no there is a rolla on this forum(black) with a custom one from liverpool exhaust..maybe try and find him or call liverpool exhaust up and see what they can do ?

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