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  1. Hi, havent used this forum in a while as i sold my corolla a year or so ago was cleaning out my garage and found these items someone could use or need. Corolla Custom Painted Dash/interior fittings as full set with dash mat (will not brake down, no scratches or marks see photo) - $ 350 tail lights (in new condition see photo) - $80 corolla standard center dash with silver door (brand new - see photo) - $100 silver radio (brand new) - $150 headlight and bonnet protector - $50 please contact me via pms or 0418 968 287 cheers Frank
  2. hey everyone just updates the main post with more items and yes the CAI and Carpc are SOLD cheers
  3. im selling all these items as i have sold my corolla and do not need them. My Location is NSW - Sydney - Camden Wheels - $ 1500 ono Brand AU Racing Size 18" x 7.5 Hole 8/10 P.C.D.100-114.3 Offset ET 35/45 Ctr. Hole 73.1 Color is gold but can be sprayed if you wish to change them. tyres 215/40z/r18 there falkens ziex ze912 only done 1500Km's!! on the car or about a month pics: http://yfrog.com/jdp1403091518j http://yfrog.com/4cp2040003j painted interior covers - $450 genuine toyota interior covers painted to match silver corolla, no scatchs or marks as new. pics: http://img84.imageshack.us/i/im
  4. a mate of mine brought this to my attention and was wondering if it was worth the money?? link:http://www.force-flow.com/product_x4brushless.aspx let me know what u think cheers
  5. does anyone have a "how to" get the front bar off a pre facelift sportivo?? cause the links are dead :( cheers
  6. wow.... what dealer was it ??... so i never go there :)
  7. my bad has been answered above...
  8. mate that sounds like a great idea!!!! but so everyone know what im talking about ...this type of mesh -->>http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20847
  9. hey did a search and didnt find anything on what i wanted to know.... just wondering i know you can buy grill mesh from like autobarn and places like that but does anyone know where you can get tighter mesh not so spaced out diamond shapes like normal ??? cheers Aiden
  10. 1. ground + 12V + ignition + signal from button are the four wires. I think my ignition wire was blue, possibly blue with white stripe. In any case you can easily find this cable by measuring. It's the only cable that gets 12V when you turn the key to start. 2. No. It's just a replacement (or addition) for the last step of the key operation. You still need the key to turn the ignition on. sweet as cheers i will be testing then :)...just another quick question the +12V Signal you could hook this up to the Accessories wire instead yeah ?? i like having everything off when i pull the key out. Ch
  11. Have a few questions for the people that have done this mod..... 1. the relay it has 4 wires as you would expect (at a guess - ground wire, ignition & +12 constant or ACC??) which wires in the ignition loom did u need to cut (what are the colours) i know they come with instructions but the one i purchased didnt say anything about telling them what car i have. 2. Will this affect the alarm system/immobilizer ?? cheers in advanced Aiden
  12. hey with this system would someone be able to tell me what wire needs to be cut??
  13. to get the head lights off do i need to remove the front bumber ?? p.s its NOT water/moisture but im going to open them up and see lol. cheers
  14. problem is they never go away...polished the face and did nothing....thats how i know there on the inside lol
  15. Hey all my head lights on the rolla have for some reason gone foggy.... ok so what it is.... when you look closer, it looks like small cracks on the opposite side if the face that hit the air so (inside the headlight itself)... HAS anyone else had this problem or have any ideas about what i need to do. p.s i probably need new head lights but i thought i would ask to see if anyone knew what to do.... cheers Aiden
  16. cheers mate ...yer only want to change the low beam atm Aiden
  17. cheers for the replies J e r e M y, Speedz. clears up alot in my head and also probably saved me a decent amount of money. to confirm is the corolla a h7 (wont see my car for a few days). thanks Aiden
  18. hey all, did a search on google about HID kits and what not ...and also on the forum and couldnt find what i wanted to know so ... 1. i see a title on ebay along the lines of "HID XENON CONVERSION KIT H7 55W 6000K" i understand all of that is but the "h7" part i know they are referring to the bulb but what type is right one for the corolla 03...?? 2. the higher the Wattage the better the kit?? 3. i would like run 8000K as my main lights is anyone else running them?? what do u think about the difference ?? Cheers Aiden
  19. magic


    not sure about replica or not but probably are.... but they weren't cheap! tint not sure i think there on the limit got it done when i first got the car from the dealers. from hong kong when i was over there for work but u can find them round. cheers for the positive comments
  20. magic


    hey all, im aiden, 20 (just got off my p's). had my rolla for about 3 years now been on the forum for about to same but not very active, dont have access to the net as much as i would like. i thought i might as well put some photos up of what it looks like. you may have seen me round ;) i live in sydney (used to...come back some weekends) but now most of my time is spent down in wagga due to work (hopefully moving back to sydney in june). i realise most mods everyone else has done, so the little things i have done hopefully make my rolla abit unique from the next. let us know what you
  21. black pre facelit in campbelltown .... lowered, silver tint ..looked clean!!
  22. hey i have checked the continuity of the wires and there fine ... not idea why they just stopped working....i have got behind that cover and it all looks normal to me so im no sure why its just stopped?? cheers chicken for the link!!

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