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  1. how much bigger are these rim & typres to the standard 16 and tyre ?? im thinking about the speedo error.....is it even that big ?? thanks
  2. omg this is the funniest thing ever !!!! thats what u get, i love that way he turned it around like a full 180 lol like DHC09 said, couldnt have put it better myself :D thats what u get for being the work bike lol.
  3. sorry to bring an old thread to life...when i get my cai (got it in the last group buy).... i got told the same thing from toyota (what rollamods said).. by reading the above posts most people find a difference after resetting (good that is)..but if it does this itself is it worth it ?? thanks
  4. i hate to say it mish but some people havent paid yet...maybe swap then with a group 2 person who will pay soon ?? so we are not waiting on people and make the process faster. just move them to group 2 ?? p.s can u tell i want my door sills lol
  5. the only problem u have is finding a levin there rare (when i was looking i could only find 1 or 2 at max). good luck...get a sportivo :D
  6. whats happening with the cai's thanks mate :D
  7. that would be like saying good bye to a family member forever...='[ but u got a house out of it which is good =]
  8. that has to be bagged.... no way u can drive and not hit one bump i do say thats a nice yaris
  9. GROUP BUY PART II : Brisbane yoshi - blue DHC09 - ? Sydney LiMz RoLLa - blue Rolla_Boy - colour? GtiRboy - red oncy - red encounta (friend) - red ACT fad - colour ? Melbourne punk_rolla - red
  10. this is for M_M seeing as alot of members want in for round 2 - Brisbane yoshi - blue Sydney LiMz RoLLa - blue Rolla_Boy - colour? GtiRboy - red oncy - colour ? ACT fad - colour ? Melbourne punk_rolla - red
  11. that would be cool if they are making an ad. good eyes btw :D
  12. thats a great find !!! ... "thats guy's picking his nose, not a care in the world" HAHAHAHA
  13. thats when u no its a lil 2 low lol lucky it didnt rip off anything else :D
  14. i use eagle one. but im going to do what punk_rolla said :D
  15. Armor All for dash Eagle one for leather also use Meguiars
  16. there old / damaged, to me thats a sigh to get new onces. like leasaunce said k Mart if your tight on cash =]
  17. so to get off your essay answers lol but what is the red car in the add (normal add where the lady tries to cross the road) ?? to me it looks like an old toyota ?? thanks
  18. sweet as thanks mate :D
  19. any news on him sending them ?? .... i no u said u would tell us but just wondering =]

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