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  1. No numbers like that on mine -- Picked up a new one a few hours ago, 07/05 on the build plate (pillar passenger door front) and 08/05 on the compliance plate.
  2. :( :( :( Well, they were doing a final check on mine after it came back from after-market extras being done - paint, tint, rust etc and found that the central locking no longer worked .... and, finally yesterday it was traced back to a relay somewhere buried in the dash. So, It will Hopefully be Thursday that I pick it up ... talk about a P*sser!
  3. On a recent trip I drove from Adelaide to Devonport on 62L - driving mostly at the speed limit. It is 760km to Melbourne then 190NM from melbourne to Devonport :D On the way home, from Melbourne to Adelaide, it was 65L but I was in a bit of a hurry to get home and as soon as I crossed the Border in SA I stepped it up a peg or 2 -or 500-1000 RMP in 6th. This was with 44,000
  4. Yeah Likewise - I think it is around 500-600 - It ain't that big so I don't really bother with details. I suppose that Adelaide and 35+ and 65%NCB accounts for that!
  5. Damn! Looks like a lot of new 'stivos get delivered today! Just a few hours till i grab my new one - and Yes it is still BLUE !
  6. Well, I walked in on a mission to the dealership and I was pretty happy with the outcome. Now, 03 in fair/good condition with 45,000 on the clock, Tinted, leather protection, paint protection, rusproofing and Towbar. Traded for exactly the same options.... When they first mentioned a price, I threatend to go out and buy a brand new REX and told him to ty again I got the changeover for a tad over 12K but they came down nearly 5K to get the deal. 3rd car from the same dealership helps I guess. Anyway, I was pretty happy with what I got - I pick it up in 4 1/2 hours time....
  7. Got the phonecall today from the dealer, My '05 'Stivo has arrived, now I have to wait until Friday to pick it up, and hand back my '03 with 45,000K on it. Well, the ashtray was full so time to trade it in... I just hope that in 2-3 years time I can still go out and buy a new one of these - not looking promising, and certainly won't get the deal I got this time round if they are sourced from somehwhere else.... So, for the next 3 weeks or so, I will have to drive like my Father :( But then look out again
  8. I spoke to my dealer today, and was told that the last shipment came into Aus in July - no more will land on our shore... So, I went out and got the last (new) blue one in the country - updating from my 03 to an 05 in about 2 weeks time...
  9. they LIED! - Fancy a dealership lying! Well - how about the first person to simply lay down the $$ - and only getting to within 10Meters of one before owning one! - yeah my test-drive was post-delivery, and I only saw one thru a showroom window before buying.
  10. Hate to bump such an old thread ... I found somewhere recently where they are selling a 98/10% fuel at 3cents LESS than ULP! I asked The dealer at my last service for an answer and didn't get one. I have not had time to follow up, but decided to put $25 worth in and see how it went! Well, an 11c a liter saving at the pump, and I Got around 5% Better fuel economy. I paid 108.9 earlier this week. When I first saw it, the ULP price was 111.9, but when I decided to give it a go, the ULP was up to 117.9 - gotta love it! The only downer is there is only 1 supplier that I have found in Adelade and it is a 25km drive each way from home. I will certainly be filling up whenever I am close now I know it is all ok! And for the record, it is the United Service Station at Salisbury.
  11. oz - pretty close to some of my Records :) Well, I think I had the 1st Blue 'Stivo in South Aus - took delivery on 3rd August 03 - and I think it was number 5 or 6 in South Aus. Oldest Blue Sportivo driver ( 37 ) - Guess what I bought for my 35th birthday - and it actually turned up 2 weeks early! There is one other record that I could claim but won't ever admit to it - Again and won't post it here ;) Closest to 40,000Km at 2 years old - 40,137 Least number of washes. Me - 3 times, plus 4 times at the dealership when it has been serviced - making only 7 washes in 2 years and 2 weeks.
  12. Yep - it was an older car.... < flame suit on > Well, let me put it this way for you -- do you know the road I was talking about? have you ever driven on it? I will be the first to say that there is a time and a place to try out your car. And you would be BS'ing everyone if you say you have never exceeded the speed limit. The road Has an Airport on one side of it with 8 ft tall fences, and open paddocks on the other side of it. There are no side streets it is 2 lanes each way divided road with no breaks in the medium strip. The traffic was very light - There were no vehicles on the road for over 2km in front of me. Visibility was perfect It was mid afternoon on a sunny day. The nearest house to this area is a long way away, and I was driving AWAY from them. your post insinuates that I am an idiot for doing this .... I would consider myself to be better than average driver - I have been a member of Car Clubs and have done 4 advanced driving courses. I know how my car handles and know how to handle it. Yes, I do drive Fast at times, but I never put myself or anyone else at danger Whenever I decide to exceed the speed limits, it is never outside of the prevailing conditions. I regularly drive on Highways that have speed limits posted on them that I would Never consider doing - the posted speeds are way too high for the roads even under ideal conditions. < flame suit off > I will be the first to say that some of the speed limits (well most) on a lot of our roads are certainly not right - a lot are way too slow and a lot are way too fast. I have driven on highways at much higher speeds than this - I have done a 640Km trip in 3 1/4 hours at an average speed of 197km/h There were parts of this trip that I was doing much less than the posted 110 speed limit - simply because the roads were not suitable to go any faster. Of course there were parts of this trip where I was going quite a bit faster than 200km/h as well. Oh, just so you don't get the wrong Idea, on that trip, I overtook only 3 vehicles in the 640km, and only passed about 10 vehicles coming in the other direction. I was simply driving within the PREVAILING CONDITIONS. I would never advocate to anyone to drive faster than any posted speed limit without considering the consequences of their actions.
  13. Bougt from Peter Davey Main north road and I Get serviced there - absolutely no problems with them. Whenever the car needs a wash, I go and get a service ;) oz_viking > Their workshop is actually across the road and behind their used car yard! The entrance is deceptively small, but they have a huge area you cannot see until you step into the workshop. Out of couriosity, What is the average price you are paying for a service? I think all mine have been between $130 and $160. ausportivo - welcome to the forum! We should try and get together sometime for a little run somewhere - we need to see more than 2 at the same time/place in SA! - What colour did you go for ?
  14. After being next to oz_viking when he hit lift - the sound is AWESOME! I will be adding TRD CAI at some time in the near future!