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  1. Not sure if this is true (with air Intake) but they are more pain than they are worth Try washing the car once fitted, just about always cut your hand or fingers on those things My 2 cents worth anyway
  2. We got a 2015 Kluger 2WD GX for $42500 D/Away This is the base model with nothing fancy on it. Got Metallic Paint, Weather shields, floor Mats and Tank of Fuel in that price Mind you, i have given this guy repeat business so he did look after us. Thats from a Dealership in SE QLD
  3. I got my 03 Sportivo with 140K on the clock. Now it has nearly 215K on it and the only thing thats requiring a replacement is the clutch. Just about every sportivo has been done up then dressed down to stock before being sold in this day and age. I personally think there would be a very low percentage with low genuine Ks on it. I'm no saint, in my younger days when i first got the car i used to enjoy the lift but now with more sense and the rising fuel cost the driving is more sensible. Those cars are made to handle that so dont worry about the engine too much unless there is something obvious you can see wrong. Does anyone know what is a approx cost to recondition a Sportivo engine ?
  4. That's cheap. I was quoted by Toyota $1,600 because the whole engine had to be taken out. Is this true? Not true , as 123R-Prozak said , thats all there is . You dont even need the engine removed for the engine mounts to be replaced.. leave alone replacing the water pump.
  5. Clutch Replacement on the cards, what a shame :(

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      HD and lightened flywheel while ur at it :)

  6. My clutch is due for a replacement as well but im at a stage where i'm questioning the $$$ Car has done 200K on the clock , is it worth getting a HD clutch or sticking with Exedy standard. With prices quoted $1k for exedy HD clutch it will work out to be an expensive affair getting all other fancy stuff plus shipping too.
  7. just to point out , amy sports exhaust will be louder than stock . I have CES CAI , Headers and Exhasut fitted on my car which i have had for 2 years and everyone who has been it has been impressed by the tone and tne in-car cabin noise of the exhaust . I dont think it is loud at all and its DB level outside is legal too .. I did notice with all my exhausts was , initally they are loud and then tone down a ted .. Could purely be mind over matter or my ears trained to the sound.. Dont regret your choice , at least this way you got one of the better exhausts and didnt just wonder about it
  8. I love this Newbie , everything the members suggested this member had a come back for .. Numerous people have suggested SRI isnt that beneficial but you are still adamant on finding someone who agrees with you and your opinion. I have a CES intake like many on this forum and never looked back . If its the cost that bothers you then try getting a 2nd hand TRD one with a new filter , will still be better than the SRI.. Everyone drives through rain , that doesnt mean your CAI will get ruined ...
  9. here is a generic one that will fit
  10. Fascia Kits for Toyotas
  11. I have used RE001 and Dunlop SP 3000 .. If im not wrong the Dunlops are silica based.Between the 2 tires i loved the Dunlops.Great grip regardless of weather. My most recent set were RE001 and now i have RE-01R which were put on 2 weeks ago. IMO the best size is 205/50/16 .The only negative i found with RE001 was the replacement cost. I personally keep away from Falkens , Silverstones , Yellow Seas , Nankang and other entry level tyres. Khumo , Hankook ,Michelin , Dunlop , Bridgestone and Goodyear i would recommend.(there are other good brands that i may have missed)
  12. It depends on a few things; If the Filter is a washable type like KN then you might as well keep it provided there are no holes in the filter where the dents are. If it appears to be some El cheapo filter then you are better off replacing it with a KN or a similar type.You kill 2 birds , New filter and you can track how long you have had it for and when to clean it and 2ndly you know you will be getting the best performance out of a decent Filter.
  13. Any particular reason why you are fussed on the Injen intake ? I called around when i was looking for a CAI and it was going to cost $450 odd and 3 weeks to import. I ended up getting CES CAI that is custom made for the Sportivos , the price is a bit steep at $514 but the group buy made my price cheaper and its a proper fit . On the subject of the install , best is if you remove hte battery and if you have time to space take the front bar off. Just a tip , if you are not too fit (like me :P ) be prepared for a sore back next day. All the hunching over gets the back ..
  14. I was leaning towards the grearbox too .. At first i thought it might have something to do with the wheels and tires but if it shakes and vibrates sitting in one spot then the steering components have nothing to do with the issue. I know of old Magnas with a rough idle that used to shake the car in gear the way you explain it and no shaking when in Neutral.