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  1. Dash/Instrument lighting

    I have a similar problem with at least 1 of the globes on my MCV20R - I intend to pull the dash out at some stage :/ Not difficult from memory.

    I reckon it can't hurt, has dual capture method & maintains fluid pressure - it can only be a good thing prolonging transmission life. The rec change intervals are what ever they rec or sooner, it's easy to do if conveniently placed & cheap. Perhaps twice every fluid change or once a year.

    I'm considering one of these for my MCV . . .

    I wouldn't know - mines a 6 speed manual ;) Have swapped out fluid several times already - a cinch.

    Wow ! Interesting info, Aurion doesn't have an AT dipstick to check level ? Struth ! Not sure it can be done accurately with the Aurion but on my old MCV20R Camry I flush the fluid via the oil cooler lines & top up through the dipstick same amount that comes out at 2L intervals until the fluid that exits the cooler lines is clean/new. Recently I quizzed Penrite techs about Auto transmissions & their fluids as I know little about them (I have driven only MT cars all my life = almost 30 years) & they're of the opinion it's mostly heat that destroys/breaks down AT fluid & ultimately the transmission itself. Their recommendation was "changing the fluid and filter every 2 to 3 years 38500 km to 58000 km or once a year/every 32000 km if a vehicle is used for towing or other severe service use" They also said: "Heat is the main concern for ATF. Automatic transmissions create a lot of friction, and friction produces heat. The fluid is constantly churning inside the torque converter and being pumped through metering orifices and hydraulic circuits. Every time the transmission shifts gears, the clutch packs generate even more heat that must be carried away by the fluid. The greater the load on the transmission, the more heat it generates and the hotter the fluid gets. Most ATF can withstand normal operating temperatures of around 90C for tens of thousands of kilometres. But if the temperature of the fluid rises above about 104C (220 degrees F) the fluid starts to break down quickly. Above 150C, fluid life is measured in hundreds, not thousands of kilometres. Above 200C, the fluid can self-destruct in 20 to 30 minutes! ATF contains ingredients to improve its oxidation stability as well as other additives to reduce foaming and inhibit corrosion. Over time, the protective additives can also break down causing the fluid's lubrication properties and viscosity to change for the worse. That's why fluid breakdown is the leading cause of transmission operating problems and failure." Full synthetic oils last a lot longer but consider it as a safety net.
  6. Hi from new member

    I'm a BIG fan of the Skyline especially the R32 with the RB26DETT ;) Still awed by many even today.
  7. Hi all

    Me also surprised your 40R got done by such a little Kia, she must have been travelling @ a rate of knots. V6 is nice but not necessary.
  8. Hi from new member

    Welcome & congrats. Do you also have a Skyline ? ;)
  9. White Smoke from exhaust?

    @SkuxxAzn How many Kms has this car done ? Presume plenty . . .
  10. White Smoke from exhaust?

    Hopefully they have taken both valve covers off, sump & checked/cleaned everything properly. I'm stumped as to why so many people out there choose to save $55 on an oil & filter change & potentially causing hundreds if not thousands in damage from neglect. Just amazing.

    . . . . 1st Toyota in 30 years . . . what took you so long ? ;) Good car the Aurion. Current sales figures has 5 Toyota cars occupying the top 10 which is amazing . . .
  12. Flat battery

    That Aurion looks like a brand spanka - how many clicks ? Nice ;)
  13. Hope he didn't charge you for the drive shaft job :/ I would look @ suspension & ball joints first. It's only 5years old - how many kms?
  14. Flat battery

    Century Yuasa are excellent. Also can't recommend the CTek MXS5 highly enough especially if the car doesn't get much use, it will keep your battery in tip top condition & extend it's life - get one !
  15. 1996 Camry Poor Acceleration / Rough Idle

    Spark variation - plugs &/or coils/leads?