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  1. It's bleeding to death . . . . I've never seen a water pump do that.
  2. Meaning Toyota would replace under warranty. Basically I think what we're all trying to say is that Toyotas in general are a heck of a lot better than most which is why we all drive them, even if the occasional problem arises. If I had plenty moula I would still love a Lexus RCF or the new Supra :)) GTR is still my favourite though even a mint R32
  3. Of those common failures you mentioned above, I wonder how many of those are due to the quality of local manufacturing ? Having said that my 86 is made by Subaru in Japan & has some of those issues too especially the early ones, cam sensors, oil control vavles etc. Sad really given my old gen7celica ran for a mere 250K kms before a VVTLi controller bolt let go and caused some havoc, apart from that and some broken cam bolts (early construction flaw) nothing else went wrong mechanically which I thought was amazing for a new engine design that revved to 8500rpm on a regular basis :)
  4. @trentmeyer23 So would you say that oil sludging in the GSV40 (my favourite of all the Aurions) & subsequent Aurions are a major concern especially if full synthetic oil is used on a regular basis? If so then all I can say is wow - I just find it hard to believe especially given that the Aurions roots trace back to my gen4 Camry with the 1MZ-FE which is running as perfectly as one could wish for - it's damn quick in a str8 line too & smooth. I never owned an Aurion but have driven a few inc Sportivo & thought what a ripper car it is. It's a given cars will have issues, gee the 86 has many but no real mechanical gremlins on mine other than ****ty 2nd/3rd synchros in real cold weather - it's a "characteristic" of the design I'm told :/
  5. @BenDavis How many kms has it done ? Engine sounds pretty sick, sludge is a killer due to poor maintenance ! Ideally both cam covers need to come off plus camshafts & valves, sump & pickup for a thorough clean - hours of work indeed, assuming the bearings aren't already ruined from oil starvation. Sad to see/hear of your problems on what is usually a brilliant motorcar especially if well taken care of.
  6. The OP has opened up a can of worms similar to oils Header/E85 = 25% plus big fat/flatter torque delivery ! 91>98 = not much difference except less knocking & perhaps a cleaner engine on 91rec cars. Understood re valid point of using E85 in older cars not used to running the stuff, hence it was a mix effectively giving me E10 & only tried once for that very reason, hence also why I'm using 98 since acquiring the Azura a few months ago to help clean up the fuel system & it's running great, acquired with 75K kms.
  7. Dealer keyring ? Sticker on the windscreen ? # on the face of the cars book holder/folder ? Dealer RO/Tax Invoice usually state batch/stock #.
  8. Is it a power gain or a restoration of lost power from knock due to poor fuel ? John Cadogan is a funny f*!@k and I agree with what he's saying. The problem with the minimum RON in this country is that it's not good enough, the fuel is a poorer quality than say in the US where their 91AKI has a "higher resistance to knock" than our equivalent. A good example is my Toyota 86 which has a compression ratio of 12.5:1 & is designed to run on 98 or better yet ecu logging proves exactly what John is talking about - the knock sensors are telling the ecu to pull back timing because the engine is pinging/knocking effectively slowing engine acceleration, ie: engine performance is not 100%. You can hear it & feel the difference when the RON is increased. The same engine with the same & unchanged compression ratio can also be tuned to run on E85 which has a greater/immense resistance to knock - in actual fact logging proves it doesn't to any great degree & therefore the ecu doesn't pull back timing (the fuels high RON allowing more advanced timing than stock even) allowing the engine to perform at it's maximum giving you greater engine acceleration & pulling power unlike the lesser 98 fuel. This is what I believe from experience & believe that 95/98 do the same for 91 although not to the same extent as switching to E85. Where all this matters is if you have a sensitive enough ***** to feel the difference or perhaps you don't need or care for it. I felt the difference almost immediately in my previous gen7 Celica with that highly strung 1.8 VVTLi the moment I poured in some United 100 for testing & I'm certain I'm feeling it in the 1MZ-FE also when I recently tested a mix of 98/E85 for the heck of it, str8 98 even. I'm certain the Aurion will be no different but do you need/want it ? My Camry Azura is a sedately driven daily & I'm thinking I will save the $$ as I'm striving for maximum economy & believe 91 will be fine unless I start hearing it ping its head off like some new cars on the road.
  9. I used to always prefer VPower on my previous celicas, now I have a 2nd car which is my DD - a gen4 Camry Azura with the 1MZ-FE I have been using BP Ultimate 98 mostly - it's good @ the price I pay for it although I don't think is necessary. Have also tried Ultimate with about 5L of E85 in it which is quite impressive ;) Bottom line - 98 in this country should be way better than what it is & certainly cheaper - the price difference is getting ridiculous. I'm not convinced yet that 98 makes that much of a difference in km's driven to offset the cost.
  10. Engine was designed for a 6 speed box not 4 so yeah performance is severely compromised.
  11. The video uploaded of some first impressions for drive testing a lucky few were invited to showcased a turbocharged model - that would be ideal I think. Interior & exterior styling are first class. Edit: Just realised Aust 1.2L model IS turbocharged - that's a pretty small motor.
  12. If the MR2 had a 3S-GE or 2ZZ-GE then I'd maybe consider it, if 3S-GTE probably get it in favour of the BR86, alas it does not. Get the BR86, it's a far better sportscar than the Spyder. The last of the SW20 was the best MR2 imho.
  13. I did my 2001 Camry Azura the other day, used about 1.25 cans of adhesive & about 2M of material. Total cost was about $80 ! The biggest cost was my time but all worth it. An upholsterer will charge b/w $200-$300 to do. Hit me up if you want more info.
  14. Take note of the weight of the wheels in question, the heavier they are the slower you will go. I'm betting the ROH will be lighter as well as better quality.