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  1. From memory the stock controller is the guy/gal to hassle ;) Us 86 guys were real keen, we even tracked the boat it was on & it's whereabouts on its way to Oz ! They were hot property back then . . .
  2. Guys, my 86 took 7 months to arrive after order ! You will need access codes for the Tracking system, ask your dealer for them. The tracking system was accurate for me as far as the details are on it. After production things will happen quickly & is usually shipped to Oz with 2-3 weeks depending on state. It may sit on the docks for a week then gets trucked to your dealer pronto. The dealer will be desperate to get it sorted so they can get their $$$. Count on one thing - Toyotas capacity to produce if FAR greater than Subarus :/ Good luck, the CHR appears a nice car.
  3. Yep, battery Aziz ! I know ppl who kill their battery in 1 year due to neglect, car needs to be driven pretty much every day for say 20-30 minutes to charge it sufficiently. If you can get it jump started you will know.
  4. Battery Aziz
  5. I don't think that the move up to 95/98 is necessary, your car should run perfectly on 91. I reckon you either got a bad batch of really el-cheapo fuel or the fuel system has become quite dirty after time and all that sludge. Have you ever had the injectors ultrasonically cleaned ? Trying to run quality fuel to clean the system is obviously easiest. I would try half tanks of the best 98 with either a Toyota D4 injector cleaner or 3-4L of str8 E85. Do this several times & then go back to 91 & test. I'm quite anal about what & where I get my fuel & usually always get the same from the same station.
  6. Instead of the expensive injector cleaner you could also shove 7-8L of E85 to an almost full tank of 98 (E10 ratio) to clean the fuel system, metho is same only 99% concentrate.
  7. I would say typical of a super sticky soft tyre like a Potenza RE, even more so especially given that they're on a large mid-weight sedan with plenty of grunt driving the front wheels. The Potenzas are great for best grip in the wet & not so for longevity. Perhaps go for a harder compound next time, Michelins usually last well. Personally I would rotate F<>Rear every 10Kkms.
  8. More information from OP @Vickie would be helpful to the thread . . . . Everyones fuel economy figures will be different because of their driving style which directly impacts on that. 15-20L/100kms city driving seems rather excessive to me even for an Aurion. ps: Inner city Melbourne bumper to bumper traffic in peak hour traffic is unbearable, never do it, I will never go into city unless I MUST & will avoid whenever possible, would imagine Adelaide a different story though ;)
  9. Waaaaaaaaay too many people have NO idea about roadcraft & learning to read-traffic anticipating things well before they happen. I say too many can only see as far as their nose & are reactive & not proactive in their driving, thinking, (life ?) no-wonder there are so many accidents screwing up the road system !
  10. If both O2 sensors are identical then yeah OK. Be careful with the cleanliness of the sensor & threads both in the header/manifold & the sensor itself which could give you grief of another kind. Your car has done about 200K kms from memory ? I wonder where that sensor is made . . . . good luck.
  11. The O2 sensor will send readings to the ECU which will then adjust fuel delivery accordingly. Either the O2 sensor is bad or the cat itself, suspect sensor - test sensor before replacing. Depending on the device you could actually monitor the ST/LT fuel trims to see how the engine is running - ie: high trims #'s isn't good, ideally should be close to zero reading. If you have cleared the code & it doesn't return you should be fine.
  12. Just wondering if the oil spec is the same for both 4 & 6 cylinder? Personally I use a 5W30 weight of the Nulon semi-synth variety atm, soon to be Nulon full-syth as the 6L bottle was on special late last year for $40 imsmc so I got a few ;) OP might need to go heavier weight oil if engine using some.
  13. Interesting that, on my way home the other day there was a slow coach holding up traffic in the middle lane of a 3 lane fwy, I changed lanes & went past him at the legal speed of course only to find a young dude wearing a hat driving a well kept early 80's Volvo Personally I usually always stick to the left lanes cos no matter how fast you're going in the far right it's never fast enough !
  14. @virginia63 Oh no, not the wiring to the coilpacks ? These cars must be virtually "bombproof" cos there's so many of them still on the roads it's incredible. Your V6 with 170K odd kms has plenty of life left in it.
  15. That one attached to the pump which never gets changed is the strainer filter which is a corse filter not the fine fuel filter we're talking about. With attachments there is the option to drag or select files below the text box you're writing in.