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  1. That Aurion looks like a brand spanka - how many clicks ? Nice ;)
  2. Hope he didn't charge you for the drive shaft job :/ I would look @ suspension & ball joints first. It's only 5years old - how many kms?
  3. Century Yuasa are excellent. Also can't recommend the CTek MXS5 highly enough especially if the car doesn't get much use, it will keep your battery in tip top condition & extend it's life - get one !
  4. Spark variation - plugs &/or coils/leads?
  5. 5-8mm is nothing, I would give 500-1000kms for suspension to settle.
  6. My car never leaves the tarmac, your car won't be new for long if you go there, I would advise meeting him elsewhere :|
  7. I also find it hard to believe - the car sits on the springs & the shocks then get compressed, although 222K kms is long way to go on dampers. The length of the damper is the same on both old & new?
  8. Ash, I suspect you got them real cheap when many thought was a terminal future for the car ? How did you determine the car in question was a feasible DIY candidate ? Although I would hate to strip an engine for such, I prefer to "see" results before use.
  9. Depending on how irregular the servicing, you could potentially just have a sludge issue which can be fixed by stripping the engine to clean the heads & sump/oil pump = long expensive hours. Unhappy days bro :|
  10. for delivery, keys in hand to you :)
  11. ^^ haha - I put $$ on next week & I'm not a gambling man.
  12. @AussieLE Congrats ! There's no way you'll be waiting another month for it if it's already at the dealer getting tint, if not 2moro then early next week. What's more I suspect they found another car that matches your order citeria to fulfill it cos it couldn't have been made 2 days ago & be here already ! Confirm build month/VIN/Engine # when you see it although it really doesn't matter. Either that or the tracking details were way off. I just googled the new Kona which I've never heard or seen B4 until now & reckon it's an ace looking truck, however, although they're making quick ground on the competition, Hyundai are NOWHERE near as technically advanced as Toyotas and certainly not as reliable. It will be a long time before I ever consider a Hyundai especially over brand T - I'm just a snob when it comes to cars as they're darn expensive to begin with. Also Hyundai appear lost at sea when it comes to styling. The Kona is evidence they're trying to change their image a bit & they're way behind Kia in that stakes cos they're really well sorted design wise.
  13. Surely the dealer would've enlisted the help from Tech Division by now so it's odd that they have no idea, the Hybrid car is more complex though so I guess they need help from Japan. Which were the 4 lights on the dash ? ABS, CRUISE, TRAC & CEL ?
  14. And if you take it to a racetrack & do something like an advanced driving or motorsport course that's exactly what they will recommend as a minimum. The main downside will be a firmer/harsher ride but there will be less sidewall flex giving you sharper transition from left to right.
  15. @trentmeyer23 Right ! That's a big ***** turbocharger hooked up to what looks like a 3S-GE - correct ? Ceramic coating, custom radiator, re-built/worked engine ? Don't tell me you also custom fabricated a 4WD setup too cos it would badly need one if not. LSD ? Not gone through all of your thread build but I will :) Personally I would've done that sort of work on something like a Celica - maybe ST162 - ST204 & perhaps looked to making it all-paw grip. The real bonus appears you done it yourself & saved **** loads in the process as well as knowing it's done right from the outset. Congratulations, awesome work. Stealthy Camry that, a wolf in sheep's clothing for sure.