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2004 Toyota Corolla Conquest Ownership Diary

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1 hour ago, campbeam said:

One way to check the size of the rotors is to remove a wheel and use a wooden ruler to measure the diameter. You should be able to readily determine whether it is 255mm or 275mm. If you want to be pedantically accurate, then you will have to remove the existing rotor and measure the back.

Yesterday, I had a look at some DBA vs RDA rotor reviews in different forums. Posts were quite divided and nothing conclusive. I have fitted slotted DBA front rotors to my 1998 Camry and was a bit surprised at the amount of wear after only 7,000 kms. I am sure that I fitted Bendix Ultimate brake pads and I am quite light on the brakes.

Anyway, I recently bought DBA front rotors for a Yaris with 195,000kms only to find that the current rotors [rusted on the outer rim] have hardly worn [21.5mm thickness vs 22mm new]. However brake pads are fairly worn down but probably have another 6mths life. My thoughts are that rotor wear is dependent upon quality, type of brake pad and driving style/requirements.

I was just being lazy with the brake measurements. 

I was told by a retailer that DBA and RDA along with few others were made in Asia as opposed to locally. Not much choice there.

52 minutes ago, Hiro said:

255 should be the standard size, 275 were the Sportivo brakes but I know some of the catalogues list the 275mm as an option for the ZZE122 for some reason (maybe as part of a towing kit or something? Facelift?  Jap vs South African built?)

I had a look at both Jap and Sth African ones. Jap-255mm and Sth African-258mm

I always thought the rear brakes were smaller than the front ones but the Corolla has 269mm rear and 255mm fronts. The fronts being vented and the rears being solid.


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Anyone here using DBA T2 rotors. Please post some pics of what they look like after being used.


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After much deliberation I went with RDA rears and DBA fronts. RDA rears are solid discs and the DBA fronts are slotted.

Will be testing them out with Toyota Original pads, front and rear.

Now to get them fitted to the car.







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