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Boost my 2006 Corolla Levin

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I want to improve the performance of my 06 Levin Wagon (auto) without fitting a turbo.

I know i need to go for cold air intake and change the muffler, but wuold like some advice on what else can be done without taking out a bank loan.

Also where in Melb I can take my car to get these mods done properly.

Any ideas pls.

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I've found short ram intakes to have no noticeble power increase, you get better throttle response only.

A CAI gives you the mid-high power boost that you want followed by a complete free flowing exhaust. Headers all the way to the muffler. A unichip or emanage blue will then bring out all the potential you want.

Try to get into contact with grey-rolla. He has an Conquest pretty much modded to the max without FI and without opening up the engine.

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With the SRI vs CAI battle.

I have both, I just recently removed my CAI and put the SRI in. The SRI has really really good response, but no powre increase whatsoever. For daily driving though, I think a CAI would be a much better option as it allows you to drive your car more easier (from my experience anyway).

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