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Speed Camera Flash - 15Km/h UNDER speed limit?????

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Hey Everyone,

This morning on the way to work, it was about 4am, i noticed a 4WD on the side of the road, and instantly realised it was a Police Speed Camera. I was doing 50km/h in a 60 zone when i first noticed it and it was about 80 metres ahead of me. So i slowed down even more to 45km/h, and when i was pretty much parrallel to the Police vehicle it flashed! I took a look around and noticed that i was the only one on the road, and thats when i started getting sus!

Has anyone else been in this sort of situation? Why would it flash on me going under the limit?


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Wouldn't surprise me. It is actually against the law to be doing more than 10% less than the prescribed speed limit without a valid reason. Reasons of 'the car can't do the speed limit' or 'there is a fault with my car' are usually dismissed as not plausable and end up getting you a fine for non-roadworthyness. THe only valid excuses really accepted are congestion, bad conditions (fog, rain, hail etc) or unusual distractions such as large numebrs of people on the footpath (such as leaving the Gabba after the cricket/footy).

I know in Melb for a while, there were some trials of this, but the uproar of faulty cameras in Melbourne stopped them.

If you ask me, nothing shi7s me more than not being able to do the speed limit. If it is a 60 zone, then do 60 for pete's sake...

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I can think of the following reasons:

1. That it didn't actually flash per se, but rather was a refraction/flash of light off the car/glass/roadsign.

2. You slowing down at that time of the morning, the guy in the car may have thought you a bit suss - so took a picture just in case you stopped to do something to the car, or a report involving a car matching your description came through. I've been pulled over at that time of the morning on two occasions; they simply checked my license and asked where I was going. Let's face it, if you're not traveling somewhere legit, why are you on the road at that hour??

Until you get a ticket, I doubt you have anything to worry about...

As for being illegal to do >10% less than the speed limit, I think that's bollocks. That's the same as saying as you are legally required to move when the light turns green. But I am pretty sure the traffic code says something to the effect of "On green, driver MAY proceed with caution..."

Legally you do not have to proceed if you feel it is not safe to do so. You will not be booked for not proceeding, but in reality you will be booked for obstructing traffic.

I argue it is the same in this case. If Woggy was doing 15kms under the limit at 9am, when there are a million cars on the road, he would probably have been issued a ticket. As he was not obstructing any flow of traffic, I doubt the 'illegality' of his actions.

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this is true what leroy says i got pulled over at i think it was 2am going home and the cop asked me for my license and just where i was going at this time of morning and thats it he was a nice guy didint do anything about my car :rolleyes: so it was ok, mayb they flashed u cuz it was 4am and they had nothing else to do lol well anyway hope u dont get anything in the mail



also if u need an excuse just say i was looking at the car and u thought it was broken down and som1 needed help so u slowed down to have a proper look hope this helps!!

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Similar to Mr Defiant1... If you read the information pages that they publish about speed cameras it often says that the camera may flash regardless of your speed because they "operate on a cycle". At 4am how many people are going past? You might be the very first or first they've had in half an hour, maybe they're just testing to see if it still works or recalibrating as above.

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