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HID Problem


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Car is new Corolla ZRE Hatch

I know this has been covered before, but i was wanting to seek help with my HID's... meaning i was wondering if there is someone in Sydney that could help fix / determine my problem ...

ill start off with the story... bought a cheap HID kit off ebay ( yes i know ), it worked fine for two weeks, then all of a sudden the left one didnt work, then found out that it only worked sometimes, but it was like that for 1 week, until i looked at the wiring, and now it doesnt work at all, im guessing it was because of my shotty electrical tape wiring. Then after that, i had a problem with the right ones, they turned on, but only sometimes, so i had to keep turning them on, and off, on, and off, until it worked, and sometimes it would only work for 1 minute, and turn off again, so i would have to switch them on and off again, a couple of times before they work, However, sometimes, it will turn on straight away, without having to try and get them on. So i decided to get a relay to try and fix this issue, connected relay to battery, ( had to connect negative to battery instead of ground, as there is no room to unscrew the bolt to ground it), and i believe that i connected the relay correctly, connected a wire to ballast, and then another wire to stock harness, and the two ballast wires were connected to the bulb... However the relay connected doesnt solve the issue i had at all, and the HID's wont even turn on.

So basically what im trying to ask is, whether there is anyone in Sydney that wouldnt mind helping me out. Before i realise that i may need another Kit / Ballast / Bulb. I do not mind driving to someone, just depends how far it is.

Sorry in advance for starting yet another HID Thread.

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I can draw up a diagram for you, but I have a feeling that it will be slightly difficult to understand from my drawing. First things first, determine if your HID's are working. To do this, just connect the ballast directly to the battery. If the lamp flickers but doesn't ignite, then chances are that your lamp is blown. If when you connect the ballast to the battery and nothing happens at the bulb end, your ballast may be screwed.

As for connecting it via relay, it isn't 100% necessary as the current draw of the HID's is less than the stock halogen bulbs. Yes it is true that the start up current is higher than the stock bulbs, but the period of this extra power draw is so short that it wouldn't make much of a difference. I use a relay setup on mine, but that is only because I don't want my HID's coming on when I flash my high beams with the headlights off. Regardless, you can never be too safe and for an extra $25 in wiring and relay, you may as well go for a relay.

I'm in the process of drawing how to set up the relay. It will be rough as, but at least it should be easy for all to understand.

Edit: I said it would be rough, but anyways:


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hey ... thanks for quick reply i appreciate it...

but i think that is how i have set it up?

i dont have much time to go and look at the engine bay right now, i gotta get to work, but i will have a look at it tomorrow, by the way the right light did flicker sometimes, but it would eventually come on?

anywayz, i will have a closer look at this later on ...

I still think i would need some one with a bit more experience to have a look at it for me, i wouldnt be able to make it out.

Thanks for your help DJKOR.

EDIT: P.S. thats a real good diagram, but im not too eletrically minded, i get bits and pieces of it. But yeh really appreciate it, will give it a go in the morning.

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If you are getting a new kit in the end, the kits from "Mars Performance" on eBay are not too bad. Use it with the relay you already have.

Or you can splash out on a better quality kit like the Kaixen Kits (apparently they're OEM for Hyundai cars) or MTEC Kits (I love mine). =)

I would take a rough guess that your wiring is a bit messed up, hence causing shorts here and there making it not work.. or it could be a completely awful kit with screwed up ballasts..

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yeh actually i sort of think its the dodgey wiring aswell.... shorting out over speed bumbs and sh*t :whistling: sorta why i want someone from sydney to hopefully look at it.

nah ill probably go for a HID kit off tangcla if anything, just want to see if i can fix this set before anything else, because i dont want to spend too much money.

But i will have a try at what DJKOR said, and see what i can do about it tomorrow morning.

hmmm, i would like to have it working this weekend. But if it is totally ruined, will probably be talking to Tangcla soon.

EDIT: to DJKOR, uhhmmm it seems as though you think that i have not already got the relay... but i actually have, bought one off Tangcla, and connected it all up today, but now my right light which was working before, will not even turn on. Soo im in a real crappy situation,

( btw im sure its not the relay thats stuffing / making it worse, u can trust Tangclas products :P

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Yeah. Sorry about the diagram. I didn't quite fully understand you wiring description and just put that there to make sure everything is all correct. Did you get a pre-made relay harness or something? If so, then completely ignore that. That was only if you bought a relay and are doing the wiring manually.

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mmm would have... but didnt want to affect the stock wiring / harness, and didnt have a solder...

btw update... still no HID's even after Relay. Big problems coming my way, going to have to fork out some more money ... grrrr.

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